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Content marketing strategies so easy your mom

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Ready to make BIG progress with your small list?

Hey there, I'm Ruthie! I want to help you solve your marketing woes.

Platform growth is a bear. Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform. It has a strategy all its own, and frankly, that changes all the time. (Bummer, right?)

What’s more, the magic isn’t just in knowing how to use Instagram effectively. It’s combining that knowledge with email marketing for a solid client delivering machine.

In fact, I market to a small list and platform on the regular.

I’ll teach you how to use this combination of Instagram and newsletter marketing to bring clients to your doorstep too!

Ruthie Gray

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If you have no idea how to use Instagram to grow your business, you’re in the right place! We have some great courses to get your groove on.

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You feel like you have a handle on the basics on Instagram, but now you’re ready for something more. If you’re looking for some strategy, hand-holding, and accountability we have 3 options for you!

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Walk away with specific strategies to reach your target customers, learn to speak their language, and generate organic engagement to keep them coming back for more.

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Tired of being on the hamster wheel of learning but never doing? Our Insider mentorship provides a close knit community, complete with action steps, tools, feedback, and most of all, clarity and confidence to shine the spotlight on your own unique brand.

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Just be yourself & offer value

Ruthie taught us to show up on Instagram as who we are and to offer value. Now our followers are here for what we have, because she helped us show them what it is we’re really offering.

– Jamie Bailey


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