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Ep. 99: Instagram Trends for 2024

In this episode, we’re thrilled to bring you an in-depth discussion on the 2024 Instagram trends, with  my assistant, Sara Motes. This episode highlights the 2024 Instagram trends, including the domination of video content, the impact of short-lived content like Instagram stories, the growing significance of SEO over hashtags, the emergence of hybrid content incorporating AI, and the overarching theme of authenticity. 

We’re discussing the implications of these trends and provide valuable insights for your social media strategy in 2024. Join us as we uncover the key Instagram trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2024.


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Throughout this episode, we discuss content from articles from the Social Insider and GainApp

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2024 Instagram Trends: What You Need To Know

1. Video Content Domination

Reels continue to rule on Instagram. Reels will continue to be the most engaging type of content on Instagram. The important thing about making Reels is using viral audios to increase the video’s chances for virality. That’s the main secret.

2. Short-lived content

Short-lived content that disappears after 24 hours will still be around in 2024. This type of content is real, authentic, and creates FOMO that encourages user engagement.

Studies show that after viewing Stories on Instagram 62% of users become interested in a brand or product.

3. SEO on social media will be more powerful than hashtags

40% of young adults (ages 18-24) use social media as a search engine. SEO practices on social media will set the distinction between brands that put in the extra effort when it comes to their posts on social media. 

Research from Hootsite showed that social media posts which relied heavily on great SEO manage to increate their engagement rate by 30%. 

That’s why your social media strategy for 2024 needs to include “keyword research”.

4. Hybrid content

Artificial Intelligence meets human creativity. AI doesn’t have to be the bad guy – use it as a tool to spark ideas and efficiency. AI stickers, captions, and more can elevate your content game. Just remember, always make it your own!

5. Authenticity Always

Authenticity takes center stage in 2024! Users are tired of inauthentic brand messaging. They crave real, transparent interactions. In 2024, this means brands should showcase behind-the-scenes looks, candid moments, and even acknowledge imperfections or mistakes. 

Be open, be real, and connect with your audience on a personal level. Build trust and brand loyalty by being your authentic self.

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