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Ep. 84: 5 Secrets to Successful Affiliate Marketing

Ready to boost your online marketing game? In this episode, we delve into the world of successful affiliate marketing and how it can boost your sales and business. It’s important to realize how affiliate marketing is an additional income stream for both active and passive sales.

Given these points, when you regularly promote or talk about certain topics on your blog, podcast, newsletter, or social media, you can just pop the links in wherever they apply.

If you’re looking for a way to generate income, you will want to listen to today’s episode.


This post contains affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase I will receive compensation from said products.

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5 tips for successful affiliate marketing

1. Believe in the brand

The only authentic way to sell is to affiliate for products that you have used yourself and firmly believe in.

2. Have a presentation plan

Determine what platforms you’re going to use to present it. Use the platforms where your audience is active: YouTube, Instagram, email list, Pinterest, etc.

3. Don’t sell it. Tell it.

Your love of the product will sell it through your own stories of using it.

4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Keep putting your affiliate links out there. Don’t just share one time and forget it. The reason for this is, people need to hear it seven plus times before they even start to click or consider the product.

Don’t let affiliate sales usurp your own products.

Make sure the products you’re promoting are complementary to what you provide.

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