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Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray
Ruthie Gray

Hey there!

I want to help you solve your marketing woes.

I used to be completely lost on Instagram.

I didn’t know how to use hashtags (or understand the point), attract followers, or get engagement on my posts.

I didn’t see the point in commenting on other’s posts, and frankly, I quit the platform THREE TIMES before finally succeeding.

Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform. It has a strategy all its own and frankly, that changes all the time.

But… what if you could make it work for your business?

What I'm known for...


Professional Beach Bum

Florida is my second home. Gulf waves, sunsets, and walks on the beach with my grandkids calm this caregiver’s soul!


70's Vibes

I once wrote and directed a Charlie’s Angels school play and dreamed of having Farrah hair. Marsha Brady and Holly Hobbie fans – you get my drift.


Piano Is My Forte

In the 6th grade I became the church pianist by default (as the pastor’s daughter) and I still take my turn on the bench!


As Christian entrepreneurs, we have a direct line into God for wisdom and guidance. It's both terrifying and exciting.

Slip me some skin and let's get to know each other!