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Ep. 104: Authentic Reels Ideas for Your Voice And Vision

In this episode of Authentic Online Marketing, Ruthie talks with Suzanne, Cathy, and Jennifer about authentic Reels ideas that are unique to their message on Instagram. These Christian creatives shared their experiences with utilizing reels on Instagram to reach and authentically connect with their target audiences. Here are some key takeaways from our insightful conversation.


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Authentic Reels Ideas

Reels are for Everyone

At first these ladies were apprehensive, but Suzanne, Cathy, and Jennifer successfully incorporated reels into their online marketing strategies. They each found their authentic voice and style to create engaging and diverse Reels, proving that anyone can utilize this tool effectively.

Niche Targeting

Understanding your target audience is crucial for successful marketing. Cathy emphasized the value of tailored content, while Jennifer highlighted the use of reels to address her audience’s pain points, provide educational content, and even inject some light-hearted, personal glimpses. Their approach showcases the power of niche-focused outreach.

Evolution and Authenticity

All three guests expressed initial hesitation towards using Reels; however, through continual practice and experimentation, they successfully incorporated this tool into their marketing arsenal. They discussed the importance of staying true to their brand’s message and identity, proving that authenticity and evolution go hand in hand in the online marketing space.

If you want to be successful with your online marketing, don’t miss out on this eye-opening episode where you can learn how to get authentic ideas for Reels and effectively reach your target audience.

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