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“I crafted a killer bio that nails down my niche, story engagement and DMs are blowing up, profile and website visits are way up, and Reels are fun now that I’m using Ruthie’s strategy!”

Alison Simmons, Podcaster


You know you should be consistent on Instagram, but you can't seem to find the time... and when you do, no one comments or even cares!

Let’s face it–there’s nothing more frustrating than crafting a post, only to feel like you’re wasting time and never actually growing your audience. And there’s nothing more disheartening than gaining several new followers–only to have them unfollow later!

You know that you should be posting consistently. Maybe you’ve even tried an Instagram challenge or invested in a course.

And yet, it’s not quite working.

Graphics creation. Captions. Video. REELS!

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it’s been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be scheduling posts, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you’re not alone. Most Instagrammers are.

The truth is that having a solid content marketing plan is a game changer, one that will attract followers, generate engagement, and even contract clients in the DM.

The problem? Instagram’s ever-evolving platform (sometimes at the speed of light #amIright?!) often makes achieving followers more trouble than it’s worth.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

woman on instagram desktop

I'm Ruthie! And I want to help you solve your Instagram strategy.

I used to be completely lost on Instagram. I didn’t know how to use hashtags (or understand the point), attract followers, or get engagement on my posts.

I didn’t see the point in commenting on other’s posts, and frankly, I quit the platform THREE TIMES before finally succeeding.

Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform. It’s a completely different beast. It’s NOT like Facebook where you can just post and people comment.

But… what if you could make it work for your business?

Ruthie Gray


Imagine what having a thriving platform would look like...

  • Spiked engagement
  • Increased (and steady) follower growth
  • Mindset marketing confidence
  • Hitting all the video avenues with confidence (even REELS!)

So many people call themselves “coaches” without any success shown for it.  Ruthie Gray has helped me tremendously in so many ways to get my message out!

Michele Bowman, Podcaster


The Instagram coaching community that will help you refine your strategy and increase engagement.

The Authentic Marketing Mentorship is a high level interactive community, designed to help you create your personal content strategy, so that your ideal followers will not only sit up and take notice, but start coming back for more.

This Mentorship was originally created to help Christian authors, podcasters, bloggers, and business owners achieve platform growth that most marketers struggle with. Participants have both grown followers and attracted clients, and and this community has become a breeding ground for exciting collaborations and growth potential!

If you are a middle-aged marketer, or if you struggle with strategy on the platform, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

“Inside Ruthie’s training, she provides exactly what I was looking for – opportunity for community! I’ve learned not only how to build an Instagram community, but how to be strategic without wasting time! I know how to balance the fun of Instagram while practicing what I love best – productivity!”

Christa Hutchins, Project Manager and Podcaster


The Community Marketing Framework™ is the basis for this successfully proven membership

You see, many women entrepreneurs in the second half of life waste precious time second-guessing either their message or content marketing tactics. But with feedback from my built-in community, plus my own expertise on the ever-changing ways of Instagram, that no longer has to be a struggle!

“If you’re ready to act on the dream God has given you, Ruthie can get you there! She challenges me to be braver and bolder with Instagram, and her expertise is mind blowing!”

Melissa Smythe, Entrepreneur


Find your target audience while gleaning from an amazingly supportive community.

Wondering about our community? Listen to these quick testimonies and see how it’s helping these authentic Christian entrepreneurs stretch, grow, and dominate in their industry!

Jamie Bailey, Marriage Counselor

“I was found by a publisher on Instagram through a hashtag from your training! We secured a book deal!”

Wren Robbins, Podcast Coach

“I gained the encouragement I needed for mindset and confidence from our community Zoom calls!”

Belinda Letchford, Parenting Coach

“My family coaching business has certainly benefitted from Ruthie’s encouragement to ‘be social’ on social media!”

Pat Fenner, Homeschool Mentor

“Learning from Ruthie was one of the best business decisions I could have ever made; not only did I learn the in’s and out’s of Instagram, but I got a vision of what I can do in a bigger sense for my business!”

“Even after a few short weeks with Ruthie, I generated customers for my MLM. If you want to grow a business using Instagram, start here.”

Cathy Lawdanski, Rodan & Fields Representative


Here’s your built-in support system

When you purchase the Authentic Marketing Mentorship, you gain access to an AMAZING community of women, from business owners to podcasters to writers, ready to link arms with you.  In addition, you’ll receive bite-sized, targeted actions instead of self-paced course trainings.  Our proven process provides input for developing a solid strategy, so you’ll never wonder what your next step should be.

Member Training Vault

  • 10 DM Tactics to increase conversions
  • 15 Tips for a successful IG launch
  • Planning and assessing your way into profit with Lisa Yvonne
  • Instagram growth collaborations
  • Blog SEO with Melanie Redd

PLUS!! The secret sauce inside Ruthie’s Community Marketing Framework™:

  • Monthly Hotseats
  • Monthly Zoom Training
  • Weekly insider pods, and
  • Community building activities!

Ruthie’s hashtag training changed my game…I get HUNDREDS of views on posts from hasthags, with as many as 95% of them NOT current followers on at least half my posts! Just the other day my post reached 397 people within a matter of hours…88% of whom weren’t followers. Best money I’ve spent on connecting with audience on social in LONG time!”

Lisa Yvonne, Business Marketing Coach

Don't miss this very special opportunity to join the Authentic Marketing Intensive


Give it to me straight, what’s the lowdown on cost?

Everyone has different goals in mind for platform growth. But one thing we do know is, you need community to grow effectively. For this reason, we also offer quarterly payments.

If you want to get your platform off the ground, Authentic Online Marketing School is the place to start. You will need a solid grasp of basic Instagram skills and strategy. But if you want to surround yourself with an authentic community of like minded Christian entrepreneurs in an iron-sharpening iron process, getting it done and cutting the doubt, then the mentorship is your best, most valuable purchase!

Mentorship currently runs at around $400 per year, upon qualification.

The mentorship has been priceless – everyone is so generous in sharing their knowledge, critiques, wins, and even their mistakes.  I’ve made so many networking connections and referrals!
Kim Stewart, Marketing Strategist


Let's make sure the Authentic Online Marketing Mentorship is right for you.

What's included with the Mentorship?

Access to a fantastic community that will help you grow, stretch, evolve, and collaborate!

One monthly Zoom training, streamed through Facebook, training vault with videos and downloads, ongoing support (except weekends or holidays), and designated pods for share threads and weekly feedback.

This is a digital product.

What will I learn?

In the Authentic Marketing Mentorship you’ll learn to:

  • Stay on top of IG changes as they happen with my cutting edge updates
  • Network with a supportive, collaborative community to broaden your reach and grow online opportunity.

How do I know whether the Authentic Marketing Mentorship is right for me?

If you have 500 or more followers and and a solid working knowledge of Instagram, have mastered the basic techniques of Instagram, can grasp new technical concepts on the platform (and preferably learn with ease), are either an old soul or in mid-life and looking to grow your platform and/or market your product, have been stuck in your head and need input, and are ready to lean into and build community, then this is the place for you.

What if I can't make it to the monthly Zoom call?

All calls will be streamed for easy access and review at your convenience, and any questions will be answered either during the calls or in the Facebook thread. 

How does the community aspect work?

Most Instagrammers have no idea the power of community and how to leverage it for business. My Community Marketing Framework™ is the hub from which we operate, from Zoom hotseats, to intimate pods, to training, to collaboration possibilities. In most instances, members discover a built-in launch committee to help spread the word!

Don't wait! The doors close in...


“Friend, you need this course if you feel “stuck” on IG. If you are confused, overwhelmed, or just stuck in a rut with IG – this one is perfect for you! You will love all of the teachings, but also the connections you gain will be life-long!”
Sarah Frazer, Author and Blogger