Empty Nest Awakening

Are you wondering what's next in the empty nest years?

The nest is empty, the house is quiet, and you’re left wondering, “What now?”
If you’re a mom facing the whirlwind of empty nest grief, you’re not alone.

Empty Nest is a journey

In Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passion into Purpose, Ruthie Gray tenderly navigates the uncharted waters of this transformational phase for moms, offering comfort, guidance, and a path to rediscovering joy.

Written as a compassionate guide for women who’ve reached the empty nest stage, this book helps readers to foster fresh dreams and empowers them to trace the threads of their lives, weaving them into a new tapestry rich with a newfound zest for life.

Discover new passions in your empty nest years.

In Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passion into Purpose, Ruthie Gray extends her compassionate hand to all moms who’ve experienced the bittersweet ache of an empty nest. 

For those caught in the intricate dance of tending to both aging parents and blossoming grandchildren, this book provides a lifeline—a guiding light to untangle the beautiful complexities of this “sandwich season.”

Her own journey, filled with unexpected twists and profound discoveries, led her to a place of wisdom and newfound passion. Little did she know that the whispers of her own heart were the threads she needed to weave into a tapestry of purpose.

As a fellow mother, Ruthie understands the sense of loss that can accompany this stage of life. Yet, through her own experiences and newfound wisdom, she’s discovered the threads of purpose hidden within the emptiness.
This book is her gift to you, a lifeline for those hungry for guidance, ready to rekindle their passions, and longing to find their way in this new chapter.

Leave a Legacy in Your Empty Nest Years

Empty Nest Awakening offers you

Guidance: A compassionate guide that helps you navigate the uncharted waters of an empty nest with grace and understanding.

Inspiration: Discover your passions, ignite new dreams, and trace the threads of your life toward a richer, more purposeful legacy.

Empowerment: This book empowers you to embrace change, foster resilience, and boldly step into a life filled with joy and courage.

Rediscovering Purpose: How to find your passion and purpose even when faced with an empty home and a shifting role as a mother.

✨  Navigating the “Sandwich Season”: Addressing the unique challenges of caring for aging parents while embracing the other demands of life with grown children.

Inspiration for Christian Women: If you need a companion on this journey, offering valuable insights and a message of hope, resilience, and renewal through faith, this book is your guide!

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

In Empty Nest Awakening, Ruthie Gray invites you to reinvent your life, saying goodbye to grief and hello to purpose.
If you find yourself craving a new chapter infused with hope, this empty nest book for moms is your catalyst for transformation. Embrace this journey, and let the threads of your passion weave a tapestry of purpose and a legacy that radiates with courage, life, and immeasurable joy.

Grab your copy of Empty Nest Awakening and embark on the path to rediscovering your purpose!

Ruthie Gray

Meet Ruthie Gray

Ruthie Gray helps empty nest moms find their path to purpose and joy as she charts a course for fresh or renewed dreams after children have flown the nest.

She is a wife, Gigi, empty nester, and content marketing consultant for Christian entrepreneurs, specializing in online community building from Instagram to email marketing and beyond.

Her hobbies include Florida beach walks, RVing with hubby, and reading historical fiction.

Ruthie is the founder of Authentic Online Marketing School where she teaches her Community Marketing Framework and podcasts at Authentic Online Marketing (so easy, your mom or Carol Brady can do it)

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