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Ep. 30: 3 Uncommon Prompts to Build Marketing Trust on Instagram

Have you wondered how to build marketing trust on Instagram?  Today we’ll show you how from a former coaching session with my Insider Intensive Community! 

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Ep. 30: 3 Uncommon Prompts to Build Marketing Trust on Instagram

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3 Uncommon Prompts to build marketing trust on Instagram

When trying to build marketing trust on Instagram, It’s easy to feel stuck and that you don’t have anything creative to share, but I’ll tell you why that’s wrong! You’ve got more at your fingertips than you may realize. I’m going to share with you 3 simple, pretty uncommon prompts to build marketing trust on Instagram.

So, as we know everybody needs ideas for what to teach about their expertise. One of the things I try to do whenever I’m just going about my day participating in something that is part of my job (which involves posting on Instagram and being consistent), I make note of it.

build marketing trust on instagram

I try to note it and then take a step back and think, you know, this is probably second nature, but I think others might benefit from this. Let’s dive into this first process a bit more.

1. Log Your Second Nature Processes to Build Marketing Trust

What I do is have a running list in my iPhone titled, “Instagram Tips,” and the other idea would be to make sure you listen to the people that you are coaching and the questions that you get. Especially those questions you get on a regular basis.

We all have preconceived notions of what people want from us and what people know and so we have to make sure we’re really listening to our people and keeping our ears open because a lot of times I’ll get questions and just kind of dismiss them as I answer it. I’ll think, “everybody already knows that,” but they don’t! So, a lot of times it’s just sharing super easy questions that are second nature to you that can really help you to build marketing trust on Instagram. It’s so important to start really paying attention to your processes. Everyone should be doing this! The processes that you use for your particular expertise, whoever you are out there, start opening and logging it in a Google Doc. We’re talking about what you do that’s just second nature to you personally.

For example, you could have a Google Doc and create a checklist for your people that you coach, but I would also encourage you to do that with your processes anyway because if you ever want to hire someone to help you they need to know your processes too so you’re doing yourself a double favor. This way, you’re keeping track of important information previous to handing those responsibilities over to someone else. That’s kind of like what I’m doing with Hayley, my assistant, now.

2. Give Short Tips

Another way to build marketing trust is to keep track of these processes by way of short tips. This could look like doing a Reel for each process. You could try a 3-Tip-Reel. I like to give 3 Tips on video, and keep it simple. You won’t want to share too much information when giving tips because people can only process so much at a time, so the shorter and more actionable we make those steps the better. This is really what builds marketing trust on Instagram. The reason being, what may be simple for you might not be for everyone else. Remember, user-generated content is gold.

What people saying to you and asking you is so important. We need to repeat back people’s questions so that we’re sure that we understand what they are trying to ask us, because we’re so consumed with getting our message out sometimes. We know we have answers, so sometimes we forget to listen to the questions.

3. Build Marketing Trust by Paying Attention to the Questions Your Followers are Asking
Using polls and stories are a great way to get to know your audience. Don’t say ask things too open-ended, like “what are your podcast questions?” Because they don’t know.

People come to me for Instagram help, but when I say, “what are your Instagram questions?” They don’t know– they’re drawing a blank because that’s not where they’re coming from. This is where I live but that’s not where they live. They’re hoping that I’ll give them something so I have to give them the question and answer. We only have seconds to put out the information, so something that I really like to do is the quizzes.

I would speak to the lifestyles of your target audience, even if they’re two different audiences, I would take the time to speak to their lifestyles. You could relate to them by talking about the ages of your kids and that relatability of trying to find time to work on Podcasting with kids around. The goal to build marketing trust on Instagram is to meet your followers where they are!

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