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Ep. 97: Content Creation: from overwhelm to clarity with Jennifer Sakata

In the latest episode of the Authentic Online Marketing podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer Sakata to discuss her journey in content creation, attracting followers, and building an email list on Instagram. Discover how she overcame creative overwhelm and found a balance in her weekly schedule, prioritizing writing above all. We discussed the challenges of perfectionism and the value of consistency in building an audience.


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Time Management and Prioritization

Organizing her week is key for Jennifer, with specific days dedicated to writing and cleaning. Prioritizing writing over other tasks has been a game-changer for her, reminding us to nurture our creativity with discipline and consistency.

Offering Value to her Audience

Her journey from starting on Instagram to gaining follower engagement and email subscribers is nothing short of inspiring. Jennifer’s content on prayer and grace has struck a chord with her audience, showcasing the power of authentic storytelling.

Building an Audience

Jennifer’s success in building an email list on Instagram is a testament to the value of offering engaging content for email opt-ins. She wows us with her brilliant approach to creating captivating welcome series and connecting with subscribers.

Launching a 10-Day Prayer Challenge

Jennifer’s faith-centered approach to content has not only resonated with her audience but also showcased the power of showing up consistently. Her 10-day prayer challenge, embraced imperfections, and realness has impacted her audience for the better.

More content creation tips

Listen to the rest of our conversation where we talk about the struggles of perfection, the beauty of consistency, and the impact of showing up authentically to attract and connect with an audience. Check out the full episode and be empowered by Jennifer’s journey to grace and success.

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