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Ep. 20: 3 Copywriting prompts to get followers engaged with Mindy Kiker

If you’re having trouble with engagement, you need these copywriting prompts to get followers engaged!

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Today we’re talking about learning to write good copy. We need this for Instagram, email, captions, and headlines. And I have talked a lot lately about how to step up your game when it comes to writing.

I’m going to have Mindy Kiker come on. She is, is one of the cofounders of flourished writers along with Jenny Kochert.

Copywriting prompts to get followers engaged: Pre-tip

Writing is a life long journey

The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know

Just start

You don’t become better by waiting, you become better by writing.

Enter into the mess and be okay with showing up with the best we can, because showing up is the first step to growth.

Don’t fall prey to the comparison trap with writing.

Benefits of the Flourish Writers Community

Accept everyone.

The only qualification you need is that you’re here to improve

The very desire that you have a message on your heart is your qualification.

Accept the call and say yes

Think back through the common threads that relate to the passion you have on your heart

Copywriting prompts to get followers engaged: Tip 1

1) Get clear on the purpose or value of your script

If you can capture what it is you want to say in one sentence, that is going to set the foundation for you to stay clear on what it is you’re saying. So the first tip is to be clear on your purpose, and I challenge you to write one sentence that explains it a nice, clear language. What is this about?

Make it about them.

Be clear on your purpose. And this can, this can apply to every blog posts, every Instagram caption, every Facebook post, whatever, but be clear on it.

Channeling. What is it that my reader needs? Think about what is keeping them up at night, and what is eating their lunch?  Then you hook them in. You’ve got to have a hook – everybody’s trolling and scrolling. What’s going to catch them?

My first tip is purpose. If that one sentence that becomes your, your guideline so that you, you don’t get off track into bunny trails, I always say banish the bunny trails.

Copywriting prompts to get followers engaged: Tip 2

2) Be clear on your value

People want to be able to connect with you. You’ve got to have something to hook them in, to see you as a real person who has something of tremendous value to give them.

Please. Don’t mess it up with complicated sentences, complicated language. We always talk about being concrete, not abstract and being specific, not general. So you can make a general statement, but then you better follow it up with a nice specific concrete example.

In Instagram posts. I’m super big on analogies and word pictures. Word pictures, your abstract concepts. You’re feeling this big thing you want to communicate and it puts it into a relatable picture, experienced something that people can latch onto.

And they remember your analogies, your warming, everything you put out, you’re wanting it to be sticky.  Out of many thousands of words a day, you want your words to stick so that when they go to bed at night and they put their head on that pillow, they’re like, dang, I love what she said today.

Copywriting prompts to get followers engaged: Tip 3

3) Give the Call To Action

After you share your message, tell people what to do!  Don’t just leave them hanging!  People need to know.

Mindy Kiker

Mindy Kiker grew up making sandcastles by the sea, dancing the hula in Hawaii, and singing Zulu songs in South Africa. Her passion for people is energizing over a decade in Africa where she runs development projects focuses on Adult Education and Entrepreneurship. Mindy holds a B.A. in English and Linguistics from the University of Florida and an M.Sc. in Organizational and Leadership Systems from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. At FlourishWriters, she cultivates an online gathering place for writers to build community, find clarity, and grow in the craft of writing.

Mindy makes her home in Florida with her husband and four sons. Connect online @mindykiker and

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