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Ep. 96: Create High Converting Content with Authentic Online Marketing School

Are you looking to create a high converting content marketing plan in just 8 weeks? Look no further! Join me and a community of Christian creatives and entrepreneurs in Authentic Online Marketing School as we dive into the perfect blend of Instagram and email marketing. 

Authentic Online Marketing School is not just another course – it’s a supportive community and a game-changer for growing your audience and networking opportunities.


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What you’ll learn in Authentic Online Marketing School

Phase 1: Instagram Excellerator

Creating a powerful Instagram bio

Knowing who you are helping and what your message is crucial for an effective Instagram presence. Get feedback from our supportive community and learn how to drive traffic from your bio. 

Social Media Content Pillars

Once you know who you’re talking to you can establish your main pillars of content. Having content pillars helps you have ideas going forward for what to share. 

Grow your Instagram followers organically

This is when we have a follower growth challenge. It’s very fun. We have prizes, and you will likely pick up anywhere from 20-50 new followers per week. You’ll be able to take advantage of and lean into a larger community. You’re going to learn how to grow your platform with people who want more of what you have to offer and people who can collaborate with you to help you grow your audience.

Driving traffic from Instagram

We will focus on how to drive traffic from instagram. You need to learn how to get your Instagram followers from instagram and get them on your email list because you don’t own Instagram! The email list is where your true dedicated people are that want what you have to offer. 

Phase 2: Email Optimizer

Crafting an email welcome sequence

Learn how to storytell to market to your audience and get them to respond. Your welcome sequence will be a template you create that you will use every time you get a new subscriber. 

Email swipe files

For ongoing content you will create a story swipe file so that you never run out of content once you’re done with the class. 

Graduate from AOMS

When you graduate from Authentic Online Marketing School you’ll have a  fully optimized Instagram bio, new followers, a content strategy, and an email opt in that you can drive your Instagram traffic to. You’ll have a newsletter welcome sequence and a strategy going forward to make both of those powerful platforms work to grow your marketing, and networking.

Authentic Online Marketing School is for people who have been on the Instagram platform for a while and know how it works, but you feel like your growth is stuck. You need at least 200 followers and be able to maneuver the Instagram tech easily. 

If you’re new to Instagram or aren’t great at the tech side of things, check out the Authentic Instagram Engagement course. This is a great course for beginners.

Create high converting content in Authentic Online Marketing School

Your message matters. And I’m here to help you share it in your own authentic voice.

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