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Ep. 106: Deciphering Instagram Analytics for Optimum Views

For the month of April, Ruthie is embracing an Instagram posting sabbatical and dedicating a whole month exclusively to Instagram Stories. In this episode, Ruthie is talking about deciphering Instagram analytics and how to repurpose content that truly resonates with your audience. Discover the significance of Reach, Replies, Link Clicks, and Profile Visits, and learn to tailor your content strategy like a pro.


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Deciphering Instagram Analytics

Understand Your Story Reach

Knowing which stories garner the most views can help tailor your content strategy towards community building and cultivating a loyal audience.

Measure Engagement Through Replies

Analyze which stories prompt conversations. Replies signal the topics that genuinely interest your followers. Use this information to create more engaging content.

Track Link Clicks for Conversion 

Identifying the types of stories that drive your audience to take action can refine your approach in transforming story viewers into website visitors or subscribers.

Deeper dive into deciphering Instagram analytics

If you want an even deeper dive into deciphering Instagram analytics, subscribe to the private podcast to unlock insider tips and discover even more about story metrics and their strategic applications. Just remember to share your content in your voice, in your own unique, authentic way on Instagram.

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