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Ep. 56: Easy Instagram Story Ideas

Today, we’re talking all about easy Instagram story ideas! But first, I have a question. Have you joined our 30-Day Simply Stories Challenge yet?  It’s been going on the month of October but you can still hop in!  Here’s what participants are saying… I’d love to use stories for community building, so this idea feels perfect. This feels RIGHT for what I’m feeling lately. Plus, I know I need to use them, but I’m terrible at remembering to show up on stories, so this will be great practice! I’m all for not playing their game.

If you’re tired of jumping through all the Insta-Hoops and ready to FALL in love with Instagram again (or at least “like), our story challenge is the perfect fit.  And here’s a tip: this challenge is way more than just a story challenge, it will give you content going forward! Tap the link in our shownotes to join and get your immediate download of 5 ways non-followers can find you through stories!  

And since we’re talking about stories so much this month, This episode is an AOM Rewind from spring of 2021, episode 37,  which gives you great insight into not only the mechanics of stories, but how and what to share in them. Easy Instagram story ideas have never been so possible! I have a wrap up for some of the tips I give so stick around til the end to hear my update.  And now, listen in. 


*This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!

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Goal: generate engagement and create your own community with stories

Thesis: the secret to gaining engaged IG followers is through stories – remember how your mom read you stories as a kid? You got sucked into that story.  Same is true for your followers.  If you learn to do stories right and regularly, you can get your audience sucked in, which means more podcast downloads and an engaged audience!

3 supporting ideas: what you need for stories (your phone your life) how often to create stories, and how to get engagement from your stories.

Q: Is it bad to post something in your stories and also in your feed?

A: No, because not everyone who watches your stories sees your feed and vice versa. Cover your bases by posting to both — even if you only share a post to stories. 

Q: When looking at analytics from a story under navigation there are these words: back, forward, next story and exit. Does a forward mean they skipped you to the next post? Or is that what next means? Does back mean the scrolled back to look again? Just clarifying what is happening

A: Forward means they’re going to the next frame of your story, whereas “next story” means they’re going to the next person or account’s stories. Backwards taps are gold because it means you caught their attention somehow and maybe you should do more of that. Exit either means they got bored or ran out of time.

Stories are a great way to practice doing video for your audience in 15-second frames.

  1. Do behind the scenes
  2. Share your life and use engagement stickers
  3. Tag people in stories when it makes sense – share other’s posts and tag, geo tag, 
  4. Use hashtags “podcast” don’t shrink too small, use only 2-3 
  5. Share 5 days per week
  6. A story is 3 frames

Q: How do you post from archives to stories? A:For stories, you can go to your current stories or your archive (go to your profile and in the top right corner you’ll see the button that is three horizontal lines and then select “archive”), tap the story you want then at the bottom right there is the option to highlight. from there you may choose the highlight you want to add it to or create a new highlight from it!

Let’s review!

I get steady traffic from stories all the time, translating into regular podcast downloads because… A: I share my life! B: I ask about their lives through engagement stickers! C: I share their answers and tag them, and D: I use the different video aspects afforded me in stories.

Did I motivate you to brush up on your story skills?  I hope so!  Some of my favorite followers and clients meet me in stories on the daily!  Two things I want to update you on are, don’t spend tons of time on hashtags in stories, because in the past few months we’ve noticed a shift more to where showing up in hashtag hubs in stories isn’t so much a trend but location hubs are.  So use the geo tag in your stories when you can, because you can be seen in those story hubs and possibly get new followers and eyes on your content.  Another update since this recording is the caption sticker is now available in stories so you don’t have to type out your text like I advised anymore! 

Easy button!

I want you to do one of two things now – either snap a photo of this episode, share it in your story and tag me, or join the 30-day story challenge by clicking the link in our shownotes.  You’ll get a plan of action for the next 30 days and gratification of knowing you’re working on something that will make a difference in growing your community and generating content going forward!  Remember to share your unique message your way in your own authentic voice!

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