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Episode 11: 6 Email providers for newsletter marketing

Today’s episode covers how to choose email providers that will simplify your routine!  

In this special series we’ve been bringing you all month long in September, we’ve discussed best practices for email list building. We started out with episode 8, 7 Link in bio apps for driving traffic, because if you’re on Instagram, you need to be building an email list.

It doesn’t matter where you are, if you are an online marketer or trying to drive traffic somewhere, you need an email list! So go back and listen to episode 8 if you haven’t caught it already. I recorded that one with my son and daughter, and we all just kind of conversed about these seven different options for Instagram Link In Bio.

We have sample screenshots and links of all of them in the show notes for that episode. 

Episode nine was about effective newsletter opt-ins for email list building. My special guest was Sarah Geringer and she taught us more about exactly how to do this and the different places to put it on your website. Also, she gave us a biblical spin on this and how to give your list up to God and how to honor your readers and to just treat them with respect.

*This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!

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Episode 11: 6 Email providers for newsletter marketing

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Episode 8: 7 Link in bio apps for driving traffic

Ep. 8: 7 Link in bio apps for driving traffic

Episode 9: Effective Newsletter Opt-ins for email list building

Ep. 9: Effective Newsletter Opt-ins for email list building

Episode 10: How to write newsletters they actually WANT to read

Ep. 10: How to write newsletters they actually WANT to read

Now, for the email providers! Let’s go through them one at a time.

1. Mailchimp

“I’m still with Mailchimp. I just clean out my list every time it looks like I’m getting close to the limit. Secondly,i t’s one of the easy ones and it’s free email providers, and I have it set up so I don’t have to even think about it most of the time,” says Dawn Klinge. Additionally, Sarah Geringer says, “I am a loyal customer to MC as long as nothing goes wrong. I’ve used them for five years and plan to continue!”  

2. Mailerlite

And Marva Smith says, “I still have my old ‘SunSparkleShine’ blog email list on Mailchimp but I’m using (and liking) Mailerlite for my coaching site. I made the switch around the time MC said they’d be charging for multiple lists/groups.”

3. GetResponse

“I used GetResponse for awhile and am now switching to MailerLite. This way, lots of my clients had it and I did like the user friendly setup, but I’m primarily using email now as an author, not a service provider and MailerLite is known for having a lot of great author-specific functions!” –  Jillian Bright

4. Flodesk

“Flodesk is only $19.00 per month, and I absolutely love it!  Super easy, very strategic, lots of templates, sequences are awesome, very user friendly.  It was a smooth transition from MailChimp.  So, when I go to write a newsletter, everything is streamlined and easy. Video trainings, too.” – Wren Robbins

5. Active Campaign

“I like Active Campaign for the best return and best number of opens, automation and customer service,” says Melanie Redd of Ministry of Hope. 

6. ConvertKit

“I love ConvertKit out of many of the other email providers because

1. Email is their biz and we are who they serve, they keep it simple, basic, and always deliver.
2. Their customer service is second to none.
3. Every time I’ve tried elsewhere I’ve returned to them knowing they are better, and I’m never leaving again. I LOVE THEM!”
Lisa Yvonne of Coffee and Keyboard Co. 

“I use ConvertKit and have for a while. They are very user friendly.  I moved from Mailerlite and Mailchimp and I like the functionality of their funnels.  I love the option to use A/B testing for titles and the open rate is significantly higher!” – Sarah Ann

convertkit sample image email providers
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A Personal Testimony

The reason I liked ConvertKit is much the same as these other two testimonies. I have templates in there, I have a funnel set up. If I have a new opt-in and I know that I am creating a welcome series for that opt-in, I will funnel in those emails. For people who are already on my list or have perhaps already purchased the product, the funnel is on the back end of that. Therefore, that’s what makes it nice and seamless. It’s one of the best email providers!

I like that I can tag subscribers, give them different tags, according to what links they click or what opt in, or what they sign up under. Additionally, they do have lots of nice options for template opt-ins, whether they’re popups or landing pages or the boxes that you see underneath blog posts. If you go to my website, you’ll see what I use.

I have a scroll bar at the top and a pop-up in the middle that comes up after about 30 seconds. The scroll bar and the pop-up are both my new Reels Personality Quiz, which you might want to go ahead and take that and find out because you get a gift on the other side too! Additionally, I use my ConvertKit box underneath every show where people can just sign up right there for business and Instagram online marketing tips.

Sticky Blogging Workshop

Before I go, I also want to mention The Sticky Blogging Workshop it’s free!

If you really want to improve your copywriting, and all of us need to do that on a regular basis, go check out that link for the free workshop. My friend Kelly Holmes teaches this every year and I went on to purchase her course from that. It has made all the difference in my marketing, my writing and how I even do my sequences and everything now for sales. Furthermore, if you’re a blogger or writer, we all have to write captions for Instagram too!

After you’ve listened to this podcast and you go check out the links at the top of this page, would you screenshot the podcast to add on and share in your stories, tag me and I’ll share and tag you back! We really love our listeners and how y’all regularly share about the podcast. Because it’s super important. Thank you for doing that and make sure you tap the five stars if you would like to leave a review, that would be great! Finally, the goal this week is for you to share about this show in your stories.

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