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Ep. 90: Empty Nest Awakening: Ruthie Gray’s Inspirational Book on Rediscovering Passion in Life

I’ve just released my book, “Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passions into Purpose.” In this episode, I’m sharing a little about the book, why I wrote it, and how it relates to my work as an online marketing coach. I’ll also give you some insider knowledge on how to successfully launch your own book.


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Be consistent with your small following

A small, engaged following is better than having tons of followers who never engage with your content. Everyday I have to block fake followers. They’re not going to grow your community or engage with you in a productive way.

Consistency creates opportunity

Some people will follow you but not engage for a long time. Make sure your profile name and bio accurately reflect what you do and what you can do for them.

I recently had two followers who were just lurking on my page but were watching me because of my name, Authentic Online Marketing Pod. But because they knew who I was and what I can do for them, they reached out and I was able to book two speaking engagements at their conferences.

Consistency builds community

I knew I needed to write a book this year but I was struggling to reign myself in and get on track.

But at every juncture God sent me who I needed at that time. All I knew is that I didn’t want to format my book and I didn’t want to make the book cover.

Formatting “Empty Nest Awakening”

The Lord brought Mandy Roberson into my life who asked me to speak at her conference. I learned what Mandy did for authors and I was so excited to learn that she could do all of the formatting and design work for me!

Small but mighty

I might have a small number of followers, but they’re a mighty number and they are excited for my book! People will take notice of you if you’re consistent.

Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of your Passions into Purpose

If you’re interested in exploring your passions and purpose in the second half of life, this book is for you. I share insider knowledge, excerpts from the book, and tips on how to launch your own book.

Whether you’re a parent transitioning into the empty nest phase or simply looking for a new direction in life, “Empty Nest Awakening” provides guidance and inspiration on discovering your purpose and weaving your passions into your everyday life.

Order “Empty Nest Awakening”

Order your copy of “Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passions into Purpose” anywhere books are sold. Available in Kindle and hard copy formats. Order your copy here.

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