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Ep. 94: Empty Nest Case Studies: Finding New Purpose in the Digital Age

These Empty Nest Case Studies feature my amazing guests, fellow empty nesters, Suzanne, Brenda, Cathy, and Pat, discussing the various unique stages of empty nesting, from being a boomerang empty nester (what’s that?!) to fully retired. Each guest shares how they navigate this stage of life, whether it involves grandchildren, side gigs, or pursuing new passions.


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Empty Nest Case Studies

Invest in yourself

Cathy, the retired empty nester, discusses the importance of investing in yourself and how it has propelled her business forward. She advises women to not wait to invest in personal and professional growth. Whether it’s coaching, courses, or joining a supportive community, investing in yourself can accelerate your progress and make you happier in your business.

Community is crucial

Suzanne highlights the importance of finding a supportive community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and having a guide can help you navigate challenges, make lasting connections, and find new opportunities.

Embrace change and pivot

Brenda shares how she took a leap into retirement and moved into new pursuits, such as skincare and social media presence. Embracing change and viewing life as an intentional adventure allows you to discover new passions and unlock new possibilities.

Find gratitude in life’s unexpected twists

Pat shares her experience with divorce with grace and gratitude. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but embracing the journey with a grateful heart can lead to newfound joy and fulfillment.

These amazing empty nest case studies are thriving in their own unique ways!
If any of these tips resonate with you check out Ruthie’s new book “Empty Nest Awakening”. This book offers further guidance, practical tips, and inspirational stories to help you make the most of this new phase in life. And if you’re ready to build a business or online platform, get on the Authentic Online Marketing School Waitlist to be the first to know about our Black Friday Launch.

1 thought on “Ep. 94: Empty Nest Case Studies: Finding New Purpose in the Digital Age”

  1. This particular episode hit close to home. Ten years ago I went through a divorce and became an empty nester all at the same time. This is a remarkable resource for anyone walking through this stage of life! Thank you for encouraging us!

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