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Ep 45: 3 Newsletter musts for engaged readers

Let’s talk engaged readers! Recently I took a poll on Instagram asking what’s your biggest hang-up with email, and overwhelmingly the answer was what to write. Honestly, this is a struggle for most content creators because we have so much on our plates, and quite frankly, we tend to muddle the waters with our overthinking tendencies.

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3 Newsletter MUSTS for engaged readers

Right off the bat, your newsletter needs to not sound like an email blast from the local Grand Home Furniture store.  You know – the type that says, OPEN BEFORE YOUR DEAL EXPIRES, and SALE! SALE! SALE!

That is not you.  Do not go there.

Number one thing your email needs is warmth.  Think about it – how do you greet someone when you see them?  BUY MY THING!? Nope.  How are you?  How’s your mom?  Did you get to go to the beach?  What’s the latest with the fam?

Create a connection and weave that warmth throughout your email. 

Side note: to see how I do this, sign up for my newsletter!  Head to my website at authentic online to join – I have lots of goodies there for you.  But that’s beside the point.  

Generate a feeling of “I’m here for you” not, “Here’s my thing, go get it.”

Number two: Provide value.  That’s right. Your newsletter is curated, exclusive content only for subscribers.  So give them ideas for how to do what you teach. Also, give them insider tip offs for free summits or special sales before you share with the rest of the world.  My subscribers get first dibs when my trainings go live.  And they thank me for it.  But it’s because most of the time, I’m not asking for anything, I’m providing value and tools for them to grow an Instagram platform and then translate followers to their newsletter.  You do realize that the newsletter is the ultimate goal, right? 

Your followers who opt in have chosen you. 

That’s their first step towards conversion.  Then it’s your job to nurture them and earn their trust by providing value.  

Number three, lastly, is to provide ONE call to action. Not links everywhere. Multiple links lead to confusion and inaction.  Clearly state what you want them to do – reply to this email, forward to a friend, click the link to learn more, join the facebook group, or check out your launch product.  

One link.  One call to action (or cta).  Just like with Instagram posts.  

You can provide that one link in multiple places (and frankly, when I insert near the beginning, it gets more clicks –but just offer a link to one specific thing, not multiple things.)

So that’s it in a nutshell – number one, offer warmth and connection with your subscriber.  Two – offer value, give them a reason to be glad they signed up and not a reason to unsubscribe!  And three, Provide one clear call to action so you can actually see results and clicks over time.

Remember that Instagram poll where I asked my followers to vote on their biggest newsletter struggle? Well, There was one other place I asked my audience and I’ll bet you can figure it out – my super number one gold mine that I keep in my back pocket. I asked my My newsletter readers.  And they replied with the same answer.  

Your newsletter subscribers will tell you what they want to read more about in your emails if you ask.

Something else I asked was if they had trouble knowing what to post on Instagram and I got the same answer – yes. But did you know that if you nail down your email content, you’ve got your Instagram content?  You can repurpose email content onto your Instagram. Isn’t that GREAT news??

Here’s the thing.  You need newsletter subscribers because that’s where the real marketing conversions take place.  But you have to share your newsletter with Instagram followers so they’ll know you provide that option.  

And it really helps to lean into your unique edge, your brand voice.  Inside my Authentic Online Marketing School, which is launching next week, I teach the CAFÉ method – Based on the acronym that stands for Cue, Aim, Fire, and Edge.  In next week’s free Brand voice workshop, I’ll be specifically zeroing in on the Edge part of the CAFÉ method – that is your own unique Edge and how to find it.  So be sure to sign up for that workshop, the link is in the shownotes, or head straight to our website, authentic online and you’ll see it at the top as well.  

Email marketing doesn’t have to be this big nebulous hurtle.  It can be simplified, and that’s why we’re spending time talking about it in this episodes and inside the Brand voice workshop.  So before you run off and get into posting Reels or stories or other content creation, sign up for this awesome workshop while you can take advantage of this free offer.  

Until next time, Keep sharing your awesome content your unique way in your own authentic voice!

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