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Ep. 108: 3 Steps for Entrepreneurial Focus with Amy Debrucque

Amy Debrucque joins us on the podcast today to discuss the struggles of entrepreneurial focus. Amy brings a wealth of experience and insight into the world of Christian entrepreneurship. She’s not only a confidence coach and author of “Embolden,” but also a speaker, cancer survivor, host of the Life on Purpose podcast, and co-creator of the Focus retreat. Her journey and dedication are centered on helping women break out of their comfort zones and concentrate on what truly matters in their lives.

Throughout the episode, Amy discusses the common challenges entrepreneurs face, particularly maintaining focus amidst the distractions and comparisons present in today’s digital world. You’ll also receive an outline of three essential tips to help refine and maintain focus.


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3 Steps for Entrepreneurial Focus

Understand What Matters Most

Amy places a strong emphasis on identifying the core elements that are most important in one’s life. Recognizing these can help steer focus and make decisions that align with personal and professional objectives.

Revisit Your “Why”

It’s crucial to continually revisit the reasons behind your entrepreneurial journey. Understanding your ‘why’ helps navigate through challenges and keeps you aligned with your mission, especially when distractions or discouragements loom.

Evaluating the Costs and Aligning Actions with Values

Amy advises considering the costs of engaging or not engaging in certain actions and assessing whether these actions align with one’s core values. This helps you make decisions that not only bring focus but also ensure that your actions consistently reflect your beliefs and goals.

Amy’s insights are a testament to her journey and dedication to helping others find clarity and focus in both their personal and professional lives. By embracing her tips and applying them diligently, Christian entrepreneurs can navigate their paths with confidence and purpose.

Amy Debrucque is a Confidence Coach, author of Embolden, Speaker, cancer survivor, Host of the Life On Purpose Podcast, and co-creator of the FOCUS Retreat.

She is passionate about helping women get out of their comfort zones and focus on the things that matter most. Amy encourages women globally with her podcast and featured articles in Darling Magazine, ThriveGlobal,, and many more. Surrendering gave Amy courage in all areas of life, and she is grateful that she’ll never be the same.

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