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Ep. 107: 10 Ways to Repurpose Instagram Stories

Everyone loves a good story, especially Instagram users browsing through their daily feeds. But here’s the catch: so many of us aren’t fully utilizing Instagram Stories. This episode is aimed at changing that. Here are 10 ways you can repurpose Instagram Stories by transforming them into valuable content across all of your neighborhoods — Reels, carousels, highlights, and even platforms like Pinterest and Youtube.


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10 Ways to Repurpose Instagram Stories

1. Convert Stories into Reels

Convert your stories into immersive Reels with ease, finding new audiences and engaging followers in a fresh format.

2. Create Graphics from Stories

You can repurpose the story into an infographic or a quote. Perhaps you don’t care for the actual look of the story, so simply repurpose the content as a quote or some kind of graphic.

3. Create Carousel Posts from Story Content

You can repurpose a collection of stories into a carousel for your feed. The longer people swipe through the carousel, the longer they’ll stay on your feed, and that signals to the algorithm that people are interested in your content.

4. Make New Videos Based on Stories

If someone comments on your Story you could make a Reel based on the message. Or if you want to talk deeper about something in your Stories you could make a Reel about it.

5. Strategic Use of Highlights

Use your Instagram stories strategically to enhance your highlights, linking your audience directly to your core content. Use highlights for only important content.

6. Utilizing Audience Interactions

Use comments or information you gather from polls, question boxes, or conversations. The more engagement and interaction you get from people, the more content ideas you’ll have.

7. Story Content as Captions

Use the content in your Stories as captions for another post in your feed.

8. Designing Reel Covers with Stories

Use Stories to take pictures and add title text for your Reel covers. Download your story to your phone then use it as the cover for your Reel.

9. Direct Messaging Stories to Enhance Engagement

After you’ve posted a story, you can send it to people via the DMs or your broadcast channel. You can also post the link to your story and share it anywhere. Just remember that stories expire after 24 hours!

10. Repurpose Instagram Stories on Other Platforms

Expand your reach by repurposing your stories across different platforms like Pinterest and YouTube, maximizing visibility and engagement.

Repurpose Your Instagram Stories

You don’t have time to make fresh content all the time

It’s important to repurpose, repurpose repurpose. As content creators, we want to create. We want to make new things, but we don’t have time for all the things. We just don’t have time to create all the time if we really want to use our time wisely. Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, but by repurposing Stories your hard work can live on beyond its fleeting lifespan.

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