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Ep. 74: Step into Courageous Authorship with Sherry Ward

You know you’ve been called to write.  You may even have a book.  But something’s missing…you can’t seem to bring yourself to tell people about it.  Today we are going to learn how to Step into Courageous Authorship with Sherry Ward.

On social, you’ve posted about it one time.  Mostly, you just offer encouragement through scripture and quotes.  It’s the ‘safe zone”. You’re afraid of someone judging you or your writing, or maybe snide remarks or, “who do you think you are to say this stuff?”

Maybe you’re afraid of getting on video and showing your face.  Maybe you’re afraid to actually say HEY I WROTE THIS! Sound familiar?  We have a common term for this.  In fact, it’s becoming cliché, but it is what it is.  Imposter syndrome

Today’s show is all about how to break through that mindset – and that’s what it is, simply a mindset.  You’ll hear from my special guest, Sherry Ward, Founder and CEO of Square Tree Publishing, as we discuss one of the biggest barriers to getting your book seen – fear of being seen and known. 

You will learn…

  • how you can build in time to write (even on a squished schedule) 
  • the surprising reason most authors get held back in their writing
  • how writing a book fits into your life calling
  • and Sherry’s huge writing challenge that can get you started toward finally writing and publishing your book!

If, for any reason, fear may be holding you back from writing your book you will come away from the show with a renewed sense of purpose for your high calling.


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How to make time to write

Sherry says, “I probably sat down for about 10 or 12 hours a day with three kids in elementary school (which, if any of you have kids, you cannot say that’s an excuse). Each of them could invite one friend over too, so I literally had six kids as I was writing my book.

It took me about three and a half months, and I finished the book. Then when I did it, that’s when it started. Just that act of obedience, that one act. People started coming, saying, “How do I do it?” And that’s how we launched Square Street Publishing 11 years ago.”

The problem keeping you from being a courageous writer

Many writers deal with Imposter syndrome. “Who am I, who’s gonna read it?” The list goes on forever. It’s a lot of fear-based stuff. Fear of being known. Fear of being seen. A lot of times writers’ voices are stifled for whatever reason, maybe something from their childhood. It’s finding their voice again, being able to speak. 

How does writing a book fit into your life’s calling?

The number one thing is knowing your “who”. Who are you called to? Second, How are you to serve them? Those are two key elements, knowing your “who”, and how you are supposed to serve them. Your book is a vehicle for ministry.

Writing challenge to help you be a courageous writer

Sherry says, “We do a challenge a couple of times a year called “Calling Out The Book”. If you feel like God’s calling you to write a book. We go through the challenge, and at the end, we have a writing coaching program called “Writer’s Roadmap” which incorporates all the things that we’re talking about.

It has the prayer team, our mindset coach Dr. Amanda, and a writing coach. Throughout this 90-day program, you’ll get resources every day in a Google calendar, and once a week, you meet live with your coach. One week it’s the writing coach, the next week it’s your mindset coach, and then the writing coach and the mindset.

Next we give you a writing calculator. It helps you set goals for your writing, and we hold you accountable and say, “Did you write this week? How many words did you write?” It’s a really good program for people that feel called to write a book. 

If you feel overwhelmed. Where do I even start? We walk them through this entire process, and then at the end, they get a free cohort. It’s a very small group of people that you will be teamed up with, usually your same genre. Every week, you get to meet with your writing coach for a whole month.

About Sherry

Founder and CEO of Square Tree Publishing Sherry Ward is a seasoned publisher with over eleven years in the publishing industry. Her authors have been featured in media outlets including CNN, Fox News, the Dr. Drew Show, and the Orange County Register.

Square Tree Publishing has given authors a voice, allowing them to cultivate their own platforms and lend their influence to events and organizations from local state task force conferences to the United Nations. 

As a film and podcast producer, Sherry is uniquely qualified in production development and podcasting. She has been featured on Good Morning America and The Home & Family Show and has done over twenty interviews on national TV shows.

Sherry is also an executive producer of Infinity System, a western Sci-Fi pilot to be released in 2023.

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