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Ep. 78: What is Meta Verified and Do I Need it?

Should you get Meta Verified on Instagram? Today I’m sharing insight about this new Instagram feature.

As with anything for your platform, we need to research our options and look into alternatives that can help replicate our authentic voices. While we often need to invest in our businesses to promote growth, other times we can be resourceful with what is already available to us. 

In this instance, I’m talking about a paid subscription called Meta Verified. What is it? What purpose does it serve? And are there other ways to achieve the same goal?

*NOTE: At the time of this recording, Meta Verified was not yet available in the US, but has recently been released.


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 What is “Meta Verified”?

Meta Verification is a paid subscription service to get the blue check on your Instagram and Facebook profile. It protects your accounts from being stolen. You’ll also get access to customer support and will get increased reach and visibility.

The monthly cost right now is between $11-$14 USD per month. They first tested it in Australia and New Zealand, then made it available in the US.

Don’t want to pay a subscription fee for Meta Verification?

Here are a few things you can do instead to protect your account and expand your reach.

1. Enable Two-factor authentication

If you haven’t done that yet, you can go to your settings to enable and receive a code to can get back in if somebody tries to take your account.

2. Increase Reach and Visibility

There are several ways you can increase reach and visibility. First, if you’re wanting to invest in something, you could try ads. Second, collaborate with other creators in your niche. Finally, you could simply post more content.

You don’t have to use Meta Verified to Grow

Meta Verified is a paid subscription that may increase your visibility and keep your account safe, but there are other alternatives. Enabling the two-factor authorization, paying for Facebook and Instagram ads (if you want to put some money into it), increased posting, more Reels, and collaborations are other alternatives to achieving similar goals.

Meta Verified at this juncture is a no-go for me.  Will I always say that?  I don’t know!  Maybe I’ll test it out at some point just like I’m currently testing broadcasts (by the way, let me know if you’re interested in hearing about how to use broadcasts and I’ll do an episode on it, and in the meantime you can join mine).

My goal at Authentic Online Marketing is to teach you to use organic means in your own authentic voice to gain traction.  But paying for Meta Verified is similar to paying for ads or a subscription to get more eyes on your content, and that’s not wrong, it just depends on your current goals.

You don’t have to use Meta Verified to grow. Use what you have because there are definitely other alternatives to paying social media to get people to notice you or keep your account safe. 

1 thought on “Ep. 78: What is Meta Verified and Do I Need it?”

  1. This was super helpful Ruthie! I was considering it but wasn’t sure. I have done ads for a couple years and received positive results. I think it’s time to do another for growth. I am finally growing and gaining traction just by posting more posts/reels. I would like to collaborate and or podcast but not sure how. Thank you so much for all of your help!

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