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Ep. 79: Strategies for Maximizing Your Instagram Live Views

Why are my Instagram live video views so low? Do Instagram lives turn into Reels?  How long is too long for a pre-recorded video to upload?

Asking questions is key to further your growth, no matter what stage you are at in your Instagram growth journey. As we all know, Instagram gives us plenty of fodder for questions, and I love exploring what they’ve come up with next.  Here’s everything you wanted to know and more.  Listen in to my conversation with members of my Insider Mentorship as we discuss how to increase your Instagram Live views!


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Instagram Live Vs. Reels: Which should you do?

If your Instagram Lives aren’t very well attended, Instagram isn’t going to push it out further to other viewers. Quick, consumable video content is what people are looking for instead of long-form video content. It looks like the days of long-form video content on Instagram are gone.

You can upload a longer video (one and half minutes max) and use that as your long form content. Upload it as a post and it will automatically turn into a Reel. Then, share that Reel to your stories and that will help it get more traction. 

You want to maximize your work and that’s the best way to do it. 

2 ways to create long-form content on Instagram in 2023

Since Instagram only wants short form video content (1.5 minutes or less) you’ll have to divide up your longer pieces of content as a series. Try releasing part of it on Monday, the next part on Tuesday, etc.

You could also create longer content in your Stories then save it to a Highlight.

Always be willing to experiment on Instagram

Experimenting with posting Instagram Lives to your feed is a good idea if you aren’t sure what your content will look like or how long it will be. Posting a snippet of it as a Reel can bring viewers to your next live if you’re struggling to get followers to join in. 

Instagram is constantly changing

We are continually learning the ins and outs of social media as it expands and changes, and we learn better together and continue to encourage each other as we grow our platforms. 

If you don’t have a posse and would like to join mine, check out my Insider Mentorship and fill out the application.  I’ll contact you, we’ll have a quick Zoom call, and see if our group may be the next step you need to move forward in the online space.  You never know ‘til you try!

At any rate, I’m excited to see what you do with this episode.  If it helped you in some way, maybe clarified some questions you had about Reels, live video, or any type of video on Instagram, screenshot the show, share it in your Instagram stories, and tag me at @authenticonlinemarketingpod so I can see your feedback, I love seeing who’s listening and reading your comments and questions!

Let’s get busy with video.  Lives are still a powerful tool, don’t underestimate them.  Experiment uploading pre-recorded video and see what works best for you.  

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