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Ep 11: 3 Proven ways to explode engagement on Instagram (and stop hearing crickets)

You need these 3 Proven ways to explode engagement on Instagram (and stop hearing crickets)! Start attracting your ideal follower today.

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How to explode engagement on Instagram

Are you frustrated because people aren’t purchasing your product?  Do they seem to stay away from your Instagram account?  The best way to get engagement on Instagram is:

Stop talking about your product in every post
Make your posts about your target follower
Share more of your life

Instead of saying, “My coaching, my coaching, my coaching”, “Head to my link in bio to grab my xyz” – these calls to action SHOULD be used occasionally but not every time!

Make your posts about your target audience.  Share things they love – humor, hiking, goats, dogs, coffee, climbing, etc.

Share the “real” you.  People need to gain common ground with you, so you need to earn their trust.  Share more of your quirks, humor and daily routines.

3 proven ways to do this well

Use engagement stickers in stories 3 times a week
Share your everyday life in stories
Ask good questions, start having conversations 

Start using stories!  Take my free 7-day Instagram Story Challenge for hacks on how to effectively use stories to grow connection and relationships.  This is how to share in an authentic, fun way!

Use polls on every day routines like morning walks, bubble baths, or morning drinks. Get to know your audience and their likes/dislikes.

Alternatively, quizzes are another easy way to get engagement. Ex:  What’s your favorite morning drink? Choose: coffee, tea, smoothies, diet coke.  People will begin responding in the DM.

Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another, What! You too?

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