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Ep. 82:  Maximizing Your Online Presence: Strategies to Fit Instagram into Your Busy Schedule

I wanted to do a roundup of five different podcast episodes from the archives to delve into the topic of taking breaks from social media, particularly Instagram and how to fit Instagram into your busy schedule. Last summer I did a special series on this very topic and I’ve heard from so many Instagrammers and marketers who want to take a break over the summer and need to be with family but they don’t want to lost momentum, or if they do take a break they’re afraid they just won’t come back, which is also a valid concern.  So I want to give you some time tested advice on how and when to take a break from Instagram and then how to come back and keep going while maintaining a busy schedule.

Key topics in these episodes include:

  • Overcoming discouragement and burnout on social media
  • Strategies for coming back to Instagram after a break
  • Fitting in time for Instagram while managing other tasks
  • Planning and time blocking for increased productivity
  • Aligning opportunities with business goals
  • Repurposing content and avoiding shiny object syndrome
    And much more!

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Listen to Ep. 38: When to take a break from Instagram

Listen to Ep 39: How to come back to Instagram (after taking a break)

Listen to Ep. 40: How to fit in time for Instagram

Listen to Ep. 50: Time management for the Christian entrepreneur

Listen to Ep. 51: 7 Tips to up-level your productivity

Wren Robbins 6 first steps to starting a podcast freebie

10x Rule by Grant Cardone

Ep. 38: When to take a break from Instagram

Listen to the episode here.

Do you ever feel like you just need a break from Instagram? Summertime brings a different schedule, often vacations, and at the time of this taping we’re in June! So, you may be thinking – when do I take a break? Is that a bad idea? That’s a valid question! Another thing to consider is, maybe you’re, well, tired of it.  Like you’re just over it?  Usually this happens because we’re burnt out on posting or just have too much on our plates or maybe it’s a busy season.  This happens to me just about every 90 days, and I know it happens to my mentorship members and clients, so I’m sharing ideas with you for how to know when to take a break.

Ep. 39: How to come back to Instagram (after taking a break)

Listen to the episode here.

In episode 38, “When to take a break from Instagram,” I shared how I took my own break after a big launch and while working on my new website.  It was difficult to fit Instagram into my busy schedule. But something I did that encouraged me to come back to Instagram when it was time, was I committed to accountability. That was through a Reels collaboration with Wren Robbins of the Don’t Wing It Podcast (Wren is also my podcast coach, and is in our Insider Mentorship).  I contacted her and said let’s pull the trigger on this Reels collab we’ve been planning for three weeks.  So we set a day and a time and we did it, and that propelled me back into my regular posting schedule.

Ep. 40: How to fit in time for Instagram

Listen to the episode here.

Fit Instagram into your busy schedule
  1. Know your why.  Get it nailed down.  After this interview, Brenda got busy and back on the ‘gram as you heard in episodes 38 and 39.  She answered her own question, basically for how to get back on Instagram – know your purpose.
  2. Know your time.  How much time a week do you have to work Instagram?  Base the amount of posts and engagement on that number.  If you don’t have time to post every day, do it 3 days a week.  If not that, start with 1 or two.  Use the time you have, but predetermine how long you’re going to take and only use that time, don’t let it bleed over.
  3. REPURPOSE your content! Use what you already have, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Draw from your blog, your newsletter, your podcast, wherever your content is coming from.  Break it down.  Use whatcha got.
  4. If at ALL possible, get help.  Use a VA or just get someone to free up all the little tasks of creating images and maybe even pulling copy you’ve already written – you can even go over it to tweak, but get someone to set up your emails and funnels and maybe even answer your comments, depending on the level of expertise they have.

Ep. 50: Time management for the Christian entrepreneur

Listen to the episode here.

Wren gave us 3 clear time management tips: Have a plan and work the plan, build relationships, and target actions that move the needle in your business.  She also gave a great tip for when you’re first starting out – say yes, but pray.  The book she referenced, the 10 X rule by Grant Cardone she mentioned the last time she came on the show sharing how she grew her new account by 100 followers in 15 days.  Of course, it’s a given that we BOTH believe podcasting is a huge plus for a business, so go pick up her freebie your first 6 steps to starting a podcast, and be sure to follow her on Instagram as well.  As always, thanks for listening, and remember to share your message your unique way in your own authentic voice.

Ep. 51: 7 Tips to up-level your productivity

Listen to the episode here.

In this episode I’m sharing 7 ways to design your day and up-level your productivity.  Plan your year, vacations, goals, conferences, launches, everything.  Plan your week and focus on the 20% plus padding – don’t jam pack the thing.  Tap into your superpowers and offload tasks others can do or perhaps just chuck them all together. (Don’t’ forget, there’s probably a teen nearby who could create graphics or manage tech issues). Get a coach or mastermind – studies show that accountability is the key factor to sticking with goals and community leverages the power of moving forward!  Assess your goals each quarter and ask God, do I really need to do this right now?  Is this still working, or have you changed the dynamics?  Are you calling me to this now, or was it only for a season?  Is it me or is it YOU?  And finally, repurpose content.  Work smart, not hard!  God doesn’t call us to running ourselves to death, we do.  I saw a t-shirt the other day that said “Even Jesus took naps. Take more naps.  Be like Jesus.”

I hope you enjoy this round up of helpful episodes to help you fit Instagram into your busy schedule.

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