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Ep. 66: Gain Organic followers with Live Video

Today’s topic is How To Gain Organic Followers.

One overlooked and undervalued Instagram tool for gaining organic followers is live video. Live video may scare you, and I get it! But the more you practice, the better you get, and live video establishes you as an authority in your area of expertise. Today’s short masterclass training tip shares how to get more people watching your lives, and stay tuned for my wrap-up at the end to get some juicy hooks that will keep people sticking around for your Instagram Live! 


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Don’t let fear hold you back

You can practice going Live with a friend if you really want to expand your reach. Go Live with a colleague, a client, or a friend who compliments your brand or enjoys your message. A client could be doing testimonies.

We have a gal in our mentorship program, who is also my podcast coach. Wren Robbins goes Live once a week. It is on the same day every week. She answers questions about podcasting. Brilliant, right? So gather questions on Instagram or in your email and go Live, maybe it is a Tip Tuesday.

Gain organic instagram followers with live video

Tips For Using Instagram Live

There is an excellent feature right now, called Add Reminder. Use this reminder feature. When you are going Live on Instagram, remember to acknowledge those who show up. Don’t just plow on through and say everything you have to say and get all nervous. It does take time and you have to practice. Many of you are freaking out in the Facebook group because we have a challenge one day to go Live. But a lot of you took our challenge and that’s how you learn.

You learn by doing. Acknowledge those that show up to gain organic followers. Tap the hand wave emoji or speak their name. People like to be spoken to.  Teach something valuable like a weekly tip. Publicize your Live event, publicize it in stories. Use the countdown feature. Send it in your newsletter, you can even make a feed post about it. Make it a Reel about it. But let people know you are going Live so they will show up and then share it in the feed because a lot of people won’t show up, but they’ll watch the replay later.

Here’s how to set a reminder before you share your post: Under Tag People, it says Add reminder, and then title. Mine was Live with Ruthie. It might be better to title it something that’s very succinct like what you’re going to teach about. For example, “How to Keep Plants Alive” and then you give the start time. Once you do this and click done, then Instagram gives a button that people can click on to view the event details from that post. It’s an excellent, excellent tool.

Fear of Going live

I feel like the biggest thing holding people back from going live is fear. Fear of how I look, fear that no one will watch, fear that I’ll say the wrong thing. It’s scary to go Live if you’re not used to it. Honestly, what are we afraid of? Other humans? What are they going to do? Throw tomatoes? Often, we let our fear hold us back. If fear is your issue, let me encourage you to go listen to episode 29, how to overcome your fear of Reels.

I gave solid tips for how to practice Reels – which applies to Live videos too. Like Moses and Joshua’s exhibited fear but they stood strong in God’s calling.  Now is the time to stand strong in your calling. We get better by doing the things we don’t like. Not by reading about them or watching YouTube. You can do this! And guess what – you can practice going Live before actually going Live! You can practice going Live with a friend too!

You don’t have to post your Instagram Live to your feed, you have the option to disregard it afterward. But let me just encourage you not to do that. Going Live is hard work, so repurpose that hard work and post it! Remember, Live videos transition into Reels. You’ll need to have a caption and hashtags handy for your Reels post after the Live, often I save this in notes so I can copy and paste.

Use this Instagram tool to gain organic followers:

-Live video.
-Go live once weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly – you choose!
-Go live with a friend to share audiences to gain organic followers

How To Get A Crowd

-Post and “add reminder”
-Share in stories (use countdown feature)
-Share in your newsletter

A marketing hook is a tagline, description, slogan or question that’s both memorable and aligned with your brandUse a HOOK – DON’T SAY THIS : “I just wanted to come on here today to talk about…”

5 Hooks to Gain Organic Followers

1. Here’s how to get your ________ up and running.

2. Have you seen this? 

3. Three things you need to________. 

4. Use this the next time you ________. 

5.  The best way to ________ a ________. 

Of course, you fill in the blanks with your industry, your arena, and your area of expertise to gain organic followers with your live video. And like I said, if you want 25 more hooks, just click the link in the show notes and they are yours for free. And then that won’t be your excuse for not going Live. 

Always Use hooks 

Going Live is a very effective launch tool, especially when you invite former clients or customers to co-host with you. Whenever I have a launch, I always go live several times, and I have former clients and members come on with me. That’s the most powerful. Because it shows social proof and they give testimonies about my training in my communities, and I almost always have purchases afterward.

You can go Live!  You can do this! If you are struggling, I honestly would love to know what’s holding you back. After you listen to this episode, send me a DM @authenticonlinemarketingpod on Instagram, and let me know your biggest fear about having up to going Live. I’d love to know, maybe I’ll make another podcast episode about this, about addressing those fears. Or maybe I’ll just go Live and address the questions so I can gain organic followers too!

Thanks for listening today. Remember, live video is authentic video. Share your message your way, in your own authentic voice and go live.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 66: Gain Organic followers with Live Video”

  1. Michelle Jordanov

    Hi Ruthie, this is an informative podcast. I’ll listen again to take some notes and see what I can takeaway to put into action. I don’t feel ready to go live and don’t feel I look my best at the moment to do so. Thank you for sharing your tips and experiences; it gives me something new to learn to fire up my neurons.

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