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Ep. 15: Instagram Ads in 5 Easy Steps with Allie Bloyd

Instagram Ads in 5 Easy Steps will get you up and running without wasting time.

*This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!

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Instagram Ads in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Offer Creation

(pre-ad creation)

According to Allie, before you even create an ad, you need to do some homework.  This is step one of Instagram ads in 5 easy steps.

Your offer could be service based, product based, gated content (lead magnet, exchange of info for contact information).

Step 2: Target Avatars

Formulate the ad plan.  Get super specific, look at geographics, don’t go cold turkey.  Higher level of touch points is needed to convert people on social media compared to years past.

“No one owes you their business.  You need to be committed to getting that person to work with you.  Be willing to be committed to this process.”

Who are the people based on the offering and what types of targeting do I have available?

Know who you’re going to, what you’re going to say to them.

Step 3: Strategy Set up

Start to build your audience and take advantage of your list of leads.  If your business is able to sell to lots of different people, think of targeting a certain demographic, not everyone.  Based on the offer you want to present, what can I provide for them? The content element is important because that’s why people are on these platforms.

If your offer is for hair coloring women 25-55, put out content focused on hair coloring such as top 5 trends for hair coloring.  Engagers care about recent trends, so send them that offer focused ad, video, blog content.

Step 4: Creative Assets

2 lines of copy and a simple image for your ad is sometimes all you need once you do the homework of steps 1-3. This step doesn’t have to take a long time once you’ve done all the other work.  You could literally just talk to the camera in a 60-second ad.  Anything can be used as a way to provide value and generate interest.

Video and video ads will generate more response. 

If you want a sale, scheduled call, etc – if you know your goal back in step two, it’s easier to create  your ad.  Video works well because we can create audiences based on that one specific video.

Back to the hair salon, if I’ve in some time past created a video and targeted a man who wants thicker hair.  But before, it was women’s hair coloring trends.  Both are very different needs.  They won’t respond to the same things.  I don’t want to necessarily want to hit both demographics because that clouds the issue when you’re doing Instagram in 5 easy steps.

Based on the one hair color video I can create an audience of people who’ve watched it. The higher the percentage, the better the projected outcome. “Get your first color free when you book your appointment now.” It can be as simple as that when you’re targeting the right people.

There will still be a disconnect if you’ve not created a targeted traffic pattern.  You may offer many services, but for an ad, target just one, and typically the one that generates the most interest.

One reason video is so powerful is because you can share much more content than in a written post.  Being able to get your message across more quickly in a video with more content makes people more likely to consume that content.

Being able to get your message across in video is the cheapest objective that gets the best results in those early stages.

If I can get a two second video per view cost,

If I’m looking for a click to my blog (which also can be used at the same stage but is much more expensive), if I can get a two second video view cost, I’m hyped if I get a 20 cent cost per click which is a significant price difference when you’re talking about lots of varied results.  So I can still achieve the same goals but I’m going to pay more for it and might not necessarily get better results.

So it’s cheaper, it’s faster, and more effective and it’s checking all the boxes.  The big reason people don’t do video is because they’ve not done it before but if you can get out of your comfort zone and get started.

Video is great but if you’re video is still saying, “Hey, buy from me!” , they you’re going to get the same result as if you had an image saying, “Hey! Buy from me!” You’ve got to make sure you are following the natural human relationship building process because that is what we’re designed to respond to.  You will not necessarily just respond to someone who comes up to you and asks you to buy and you’re going to hand them your credit card.  So think of ads in the exact same way, be willing to develop the relationship like you would in real life because it’s going to serve you financially long term.

Step 5: Publish Ads

Pull together the assets for your ads.  Whether video or a simple image (which can work so well), scroll through your phone and photos you’ve already taken and usually there are great options right there that don’t need a single thing.  Sometimes they are the best option to choose because they can spark an idea for an angle or story to tell based on that photo.  Ex: Photo of my daughter and I on first day of potty training – we were outside, not in the bathroom,  but I’d found it on my phone and knew it was from that specific day.  So I created a story, “How is marketing like potty training?” listing funny similarities, and was able to tie what I do for business into that story.  I would not have done that, had I not seen the photo.   And I’ve done this with photos from vacations, tying things unrelated to my business.

Sometimes it just takes looking at things and thinking again about the know like and trusted factor, sharing our lives, behind the scenes, so it’s the blend in/stand out method which works particularly well for images.

Pull your ad copy together and decide if it’s in line with the offer, the avatar, the goal.

Set these up in ads manager. This is the last step, but usually the one everyone starts with.

Once you have all these steps done, you can literally set these ads up in 30 minutes.  It’s that simple. Ad images, copy and paste text, choose targeting, objective based on the goal you’re seeing, and press publish.

The data is all there, we just need to sit down and strategize first.


“The big problem is, people want to do ‘one to many’ messaging.  You can’t just assume that people are going to be all over it, and even if they are, you’re not going to necessarily have these people as long-term numbers”.

“No one owes you their business.  You need to be committed to getting that person to work with you.  Be willing to be committed to this process.”

“Dig in and do some research if you don’t know what your offer is…it will allow you to choose the right images, have the right targeting, and have the right copy.”

“It’s the blend in/stand out method which works particularly well for images.”


Allie Bloyd is a multiple 6 figure agency ad owner and has used social media and educational content to grow her own business as well.  With a focus on systems, processes, and training, Allie is dedicated to scaling her agency to the million dollar mark while keeping a positive work/life balance and continuing her passion of creative writing.

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