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Instagram engagement tip

Ep. 34: Steal my Instagram engagement tip

Hey friends, what’s my Instagram engagement tip? Read on to find out!

This week’s episode is an excerpt from one of our Insider Mentorship Zoom calls where one of our members asked for my number one Instagram engagement tip. I’m pulling back the curtain to let you in on what I’ve been doing because I know it will work for you IF you take the time! So this brief episode may
surprise you, but it definitely is what’s working right now. So listen in!

*This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!


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Steal my Instagram engagement tip!

Elise: Ruthie, what is your number one tip for engaging with other people?
Cause I do find lots of people like my stuff, but as far as comments go,
they often come from you guys so that it doesn’t really go beyond that. Kind of
like, you know it a little bit, but not much.

Ruthie: Okay. So the one thing y’all have to do is, on share
days, nurture each other.

When it’s not a shared day, don’t nurture each other.
You don’t have to do that. You need to go out and find other people. And the way you do that is through your hashtags.

SEO is here right now.

Hashtags are here, but they still have a purpose. So what I encourage you to do is go out and try to find people through your hashtags or SEO that are not necessarily in your same industry, but would be
complimentary to your entire industry. That’s one group of people and start
commenting comment, give value comments on their posts.

You don’t necessarily have to follow. But you might follow them. If you think they might be a potential, follower, a good ideal candidate.

The other kind of people that you want to interact with are people that are your ideal candidate. They’re not just like a complimentary to your niche.
When you find people that are complimentary to your niche, they could collab. It could be a potential collection.

At least with your four people that you collabbed with, you really should do more of
that collaboration so that you can share audiences. You should be able to get new
followers through that.

Then what you want to do is kind of go see who is following these people and start interacting with them to go through their followers, interact with them and you will get some new followers from that. The best thing I can tell you to do is 10 to 15 minutes before you post start interacting with people that in that come from your hashtags or your SEO, I just do hashtags.

I go to the hashtags, I start interacting with people like that. And
people complimentary to my niche. Then I post and two times out of three, those people will come back and comment on my posts.

They may not always follow me, but they’ll comment. That’s how you get new

Suzanne: When you say hashtags and SEO, am I just going to the little magnifying glass and search and put in a word like family caregiver?

Ruthie: Yes!

Look at my analytics. See who’s in what age group? Maybe that’s watching me and then use the SEO to find my target person.

That’s your target. That is your main SEO tool right there.

People like you that are complimentary to your niche.

Michelle: Can I share something really quick?

There is a pastor, out in Idaho who I sort of watched seeing his Reels and gives very sound Bible
teaching. And so a couple of weeks ago I saw him Live.

So I clicked on it, just to see what he was teaching about. And he was just doing Bible study, sitting there and he had a lot of people coming on and he follows me and his wife follows me and he actually shouted out and said, “Any women that are on here, if you want to know somebody good to follow for godly, encouragement from women, go follow Michelle, Bowman.”

I got several followers and they messaged me and they said, well, pastor Jimmy said I should follow you. So it pays to get on.

Ruthie: You have to be social. You have to get out there and talk to people. That’s my biggest Instagram engagement tip. It’s just like a big networking event. If you go to a networking event and you sit in the corner and you think I’m going to write down all the things that I want to do and talk to people about, then how’s that going to work out for you? Not very well!

OUTRO: In summary, don’t stay in your bubble. If you have share threads you
regularly participate in, fine, but honestly, you’ve got to go beyond that. Break
out of the mold and go find your people! Use hashtags and SEO to find both
your target audience and also potential colleagues or supporters.

Unfortunately, it’s not “If you build it they will come.” Sorry. It’s just not. Just posting and staying in that bubble, hoping the algorithm will see your engagement from your share groups
and push it out to everyone is not what works. At least not in the beginning.

Later, after you gain traction and start adding multiple people daily and weekly,
you can calm down a bit. But until you’ve reached whatever goal you’re
working towards you must must MUST get out there and be social.

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We’ll see you next week with my guest, Alicia Byers, who’s going to teach us
how to not do ALL the things so we can do a FEW things well, and as
entrepreneurs we all need that encouragement! Thanks for listening and
remember to share your unique message your way in your OWN authentic
voice! Thanks for listening!

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