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Ep. 22: Instagram Live for Marketing with Wren Robbins

Ever wonder how to use Instagram live for marketing?  This episode will give you 5 clear benefits and explain what to do before going live so you can make the most of your time! 

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Featuring Instagram pro coaching  member, Wren Robbins from Friends of a feather podcast. Wren is my podcasting coach. And let me tell you a little bit about her before we get started.

Wren Robbins is the host of the friends of a feather podcast, a podcast coach, and was featured as number four on the top 50 moms in podcasting from podcast magazine, 2020 rendered lights and encouraging women in their daily lives. And in spring them on to use their gifts and talents.

R: Wren and I started together at the beginning of the Corona virus in the spring because I saw that everybody was going to be stuck home, including me.  And I knew that 2020 was my year for a podcast. And so she and I met, and she took me through three months of podcast coaching. The first two was all the prep work and how to get ready for the podcast. And then I launched the podcast in our third month together.

That was a smart idea, because I knew there was going to be tech problems and there were right off the bat.

W: And there always is, but I thought that was so smart of you to do the launch in the middle of coaching so that we could walk through that. I thought that was genius.

R: I would  learn from the master there because Wren has been podcasting for four years.

W: I started out not knowing anything, teaching myself all of it. It’s all self-taught, but then I’ve just honed my craft and skill. And so I was so excited to really start this business a couple months ago with you.

You have been my Guinea pig, my awesome smart Guinea pig to see what works and what doesn’t and what you need. That’s been really helpful for me.

R: I’m so thankful that God brought us together and now I have Instagram insider hacks. And then what happened was, the teacher turned around and became the student when Wren joined my summer pro coaching group to learn the ways of Instagram.

One of the things that she picked up in that group was my go live jumpstart kit, which I also created during COVID 19 because everyone was stuck home. I said, this is the time now is the time to go live. And you hadn’t been doing that. Had you?

W: No, I knew I had so much information in my head that I knew I needed to go live. I knew I needed to do it on a consistent basis, but I was not doing it. I let fear stop me and let just indecision stop me.

R: And so that’s what the GO LIVE! Jumpstart Kit did for me because I didn’t know what to do. I remember sitting down, printing it out. All  the courses I take I always print them out.  I’m a paper girl. And so I printed it out I remember working through that and writing down my ideas in that download. It was so freeing to me to be like, yeah, I can do this.

I love that you input practical ideas with it, and then it puts it back on how do we make it our own. That’s what I’ve really learned through that Go live jumpstart to kit and I’ve gone live every week. I started early in June and then I took some time off and then July I’ve been doing it every Wednesday.

R: That’s amazing. And it’s so good to be consistent.

W: It really does.

R: She’s talking about filling out the a workbook that comes with the GO LIVE! Jumpstart Kit. How did that workbook help you to figure out what to do with lives?

W: Well, it really helped me hone down who is my audience, what do I have that they need and that they want, and that is useful to them.

What you need to know before going Instagram Live

I mean, one time I remember this was a few months ago I did a live on how to stop making smoothies with milk. What like who cares about smoothies without milk? Now, if I was a healthcare professional or if you are into health or wellness, and that is your thing, if you’re a trainer, great. Why in the world was I doing alive on taking the milk? Out of my smoothies, like, hello.

So that’s where it kinda came down to Wren, who is your audience? Who are you fine tuning this for? Who can you help by doing this live? And that’s where it helped me so much.

R: Exactly, because we all have a targeted message on Instagram, but, we have to figure out what do people want or need from us? So that, we’re just not saying words into the air and no one is showing up.

R: Absolutely. So what are some of the things that you figured out to teach?

W: At that time I was starting to coach you and I had a few other clients as well, just by word of mouth. I was like, okay, maybe this is something here. So, I started talking with you, following you.

quote on going live


The benefit of Instagram Education for Instagram Live

And I started watching your lives, and I thought, “This is incredible, so much value that Ruthie gives every time she does a live and in your feed and stories. So I thought, “Okay, that’s what I really need”, so after I walked you through the podcast, we were talking about your membership group, and I was like, “I’m all in”.

I love Instagram, I love Instagram stories, I love video, but I need some fine tuning, and I need to know the craft that you use to teach us. And so that’s what led me into it.  And let me tell you it has been so worth it, even just the, even in the first couple of weeks. I realized this was way worth it to get into your membership group, because you taught me about the go live kit, specifically about how you did it, the steps to do it.

So many people say, go live here’s here’s ideas about to go live well, but you took it and you said, okay, let’s do the practical.

Let’s insert slides into this. Let me show you how to do that. And so that’s what was really helpful for me is the practical application. And then also the confidence. I mean, that’s a whole big thing of getting over the imposter syndrome. I know episode three of your podcast is about that. I’ve listened to it. I need to listen to it again and again, but it’s a thing. Imposter syndrome is a thing. And so,I had to get over that and your go live workbook helped me through that, of all the steps that I wrote down, what I was good at, what people are asking me in the dms and that’s how I fine tuned that it’s about podcast tips. That’s what I need to give my, my listeners. And that’s what I need to get those people that are in my tribe on Instagram.

Yes. And you kind of took a pivot there, which we’ll get to in a minute. But the whole point of the Instagram insider hacks podcast is to make it so easy, your mom can do it. And in every product that I make, I want that to shine through. And I think it did come through in the Go Live jumpstart kit, which by the way, if you’re listening right now and you’re wondering where that is, I’ll put it in the show notes.  So the other thing you and I were talking about with going live is the excitement now that you can now save your lives to IGTV.

Instagram live for marketing with Wren Robbins


Benefits of Instagram live

R: Tell me a little bit about why you like that.

1) Instagram Live for product education

W: This is why I liked that so much, Ruthie, because I remember setting up my ring light my camera. My phone and recording videos for specifically for IGTV and sharing podcasts tips. This was only a few months ago. And, and it was great.

I cannot tell you how many times that I would set up my phone and record and have to rerecord. There were so many short videos where I kept messing up and kept messing up and kept messing up. And I was just so frustrated with it.

2) Save Instagram live to IGTV

And then Instagram came out with a feature where you can take your lives, and convert them straight into IGTV.

And then you save them straight to a IGTV, and put links in the comments. Unbelievable. And so I was pumped because I get so much energy from doing live video.

I remember there was a Facebook group for my son’s school and I was head of teacher appreciation week. Well, I could type all this out and tell them all the information. And people are just reading (and sometimes they don’t even want to read), or I could come on live video. And so I did, I went live in that group.

3) Instagram live infuses energy

And so it doesn’t just affect what we do on Instagram. It gives you confidence for other things. And now I love doing that. And the teachers appreciated that to hear kind of my voice and saying, Hey, I’m sorry, this is a crazy time. Let’s do something else for teacher appreciation. Anyway, all that to say is IGTV having that go from your live is huge because of the energy that the live video brings now, are there mistakes? Yup. Is it real life? You bet. But I think that’s the beauty of it.

4) Instagram live video delivers social proof

R: People do not want to see perfect. Cause there’s not such a thing. So that’s why I love live video so much and IGTV. I agree with you. And the other thing is there’s social proof there. People are showing up and interacting with you. And so it even defines you more as an authority  in your topic and other people see that and say, Hey, maybe I need to pay attention and follow this person, so it really does make all the difference, I think, to have  that energy.

5) Instagram live validates your authority

R: And you know, so many people are afraid if they do coaching that they are going to give too much away. You know, if they give tips like on IGTV and in the feed and things like that, maybe they’re giving away too much and, and someone won’t hire them, but you really can’t out-give on Instagram.

W: No, and I’m not in my head so much because that was a huge roadblock for me. I’m so glad you said that because I was afraid. Well, if I give them this, then. Why would they hire me to do coaching? If they’ve got all the tips, the tips are endless. They are endless. If you are proficient in your craft and that’s the case for me.

You don’t need a large audience to do Instagram live

R: It’s called social media for a reason.

I thought if she can do it with 3000 or so followers and then you see all everybody else having, you know, 30,000 and 60,000 and you’re like, Whoa, and I saw that you were making money and you are being a blessing to your family and you were getting the job done while you had less than 10,000 followers. And I know you mentioned that on one of your episodes is that you do not have to have this huge amount of followers in order to make money in order to get your message out. And that was huge. Just seeing you and saying, you know what, there’s something to this girl.

And then here we are. You hired me for your podcast coach. And now I’m hiring you as a pro member in your Instagram group. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

Keep an open mind for collaborations with Instagram live

R: It has just been a pleasure to have you here today. My podcasting coach talking about Instagram and we’ve been learning from each other and it just goes to show you that you should always keep an open mind when you are, in groups with people in Facebook groups in Instagram groups, wherever when you meet people, keep an open mind to make the path wide for relationships, because you’d never know when collaboration’s can come and you never know what can God can use through that. And you never know when they’re going to become your own client. So don’t discount that.

W: I just love you so much, and I’m so grateful that God did cross our paths and that we’re able to spur each other on, in what you’re good at and what I’m good at. And I love your podcast every Monday morning. I am listening. So keep doing it. You’re doing an awesome, [00:24:00] awesome job. That’s huge to me that is just, he hugest compliment right there.

Where can people find you? Well, I am on Instagram and Facebook at friends of a feather podcast, or you can find me

R: And she is amazing and her podcast is amazing. So go check it out and thank you so much, friend for being with us.

Wren Robbins

Wren Robbins is the host of the Friends of a Feather Podcast, a Podcast Coach, and was featured as #4 on the Top 50 Moms in Podcasting {Podcast Magazine, 2020}. She delights in encouraging women in their daily lives and in spurring them on to use their gifts and talents God has given them. You can find more information about Wren and her podcast at

Instagram: @friendsofafeatherpodcast

Facebook: @friendsofafeatherpodcast

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