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Ep. 88: How to know what your audience wants (and give it to them)

Are you struggling to know what your audience wants? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us have been through the “throwing spaghetti at the wall” phase. Let me share some insights on testing your market and finding your audience. 

It’s common to have a passion for sharing something but not know exactly who your audience is right away. When you’re starting out, you might think you’re sharing with a specific group, but they may not be the ones responding. It’s trial and error.


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How to find your audience on social media

I remember when I started growing my Instagram. I was posting, but there was little response. It felt like a waste of time. So I experimented on other platforms like Facebook, where I had more experience. And guess what? People responded differently there. 

Building an audience without engagement is like having a one-way conversation. You’re talking, but the person isn’t responding. However, even with a small following, you can test and find out what your audience needs. It’s all about understanding them and learning what your audience wants.

Engaged followers are better than a ton of followers

Traditional publishers often want to see a platform of engaged followers, not just a large one. They want to know if your audience is actively involved. It’s crucial to have a pulse on what they want. Your engaged audience is the key to success! 

I had a client who had around 1,200 followers on Instagram when she was approached by a publisher to write a book. Why? Because she had created branded content, used targeted hashtags, and stayed consistent. Engagement matters more than just numbers! 

How to know what your audience wants

Testing your market helps you understand your audience’s needs better. It’s how I discovered my audience was empty nesters. That’s why I could confidently write a book about this topic. Knowing who you’re speaking to is powerful! 

 So, whether you’re just starting or trying to find your new audience, testing is key. Look at your analytics, listen to your followers, and adapt accordingly. It’s all about figuring out what resonates with your people.

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight, but with dedication and insights from testing your market, you can build a thriving platform that speaks to the right audience. Keep experimenting, keep tweaking, and keep connecting with your ideal followers!

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