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I’d love to be a guest on your podcast or speak at your conference. If you’re interested in booking my time for your podcast or conference, please fill out the contact form here and I’ll get back with you within 2 business days. 

Below you’ll find podcasts, videos, conferences, and articles I’ve been featured on. 

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podcast interview with the daily writer
Daily Writer Podcast with Kent Sanders

Ruthie Gray on Chasing Your Dreams in the Second Half of Life

Ink & Impact with Dalene Bickel

Authentic Platform Building on Instagram with Ruthie Gray

Woman, where is your confidence?
Woman, Where is Your Confidence? with Michele Bowman

“Be Authentic in Your God Given Calling”-Interview with Ruthie Gray

Daily Writer
Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Marketing Expert Ruthie Gray on Instagram Strategies for Authors

The Christian podcaster
The Christian Podcaster with Eric Nevins

The Value of Authenticity in Your Content with Ruthie Gray

The back 40 with mary hess
The Back 40 with Mary Hess

Caring for Aging Parents with Ruthie Gray

WELCOME HEART: Living a Legacy Life with Sue Donaldson

A Legacy of Courage and Entrepreneurship with Ruthie Gray

Let go Lean In
Let Go, Lean In with Lisa Lewis

Let Go, Lean In an Interview with Ruthie Gray

book marketing mania with Kim stewart
Book Marketing Mania with Kim Stewart

Fulfilling Your Book Dream as an Empty Nester with Ruthie Gray

Created to thrive
Created To Thrive with Lori K. Snyder

Beyond the Empty Nest: Rekindling Your Passion and Purpose with Ruthie Gray

The back 40 with mary hess
The Back 40 with Mary Hess

Book Release: Empty Nest Awakening with Ruthie Gray

Susan Macias
We're Not Done Yet with Susan Macias

Get Moving in the Empty Nest: Interview with Ruthie Gray

Honest Marketing with Travis Albritton

Using Instagram to Grow Your Business with Ruthie Gray

carol roper podcast
Building Strong Homes One Story At A Time with Carol Roper

Finding Your Purpose in the Empty Nest Years with Ruthie Gray

The back 40 with mary hess
The Back 40 with Mary Hess

Navigating Life’s Transitions and Finding Authentic Identity with Sue Donaldson, Ruthie Gray, Susan Macias, Carol Feil

The mom next door
The Mom Next Door with Pam Fields

Finding Purpose in the Empty Nest Years with Ruthie Gray

Still becoming
Still Becoming with Laura Acuna

Empty Nest Awakening: A Conversation with Ruthie Gray

Preparing the Church for the Harvest with Jacklin Drake

Finding Purpose in the Empty Nest

Grace Enough Podcast with Amber Cullum
Grace Enough Podcast with Amber Cullum

What Happens After the Kids Launch? New PURPOSE!

Alison Simmons
The Next Step with Alison Simmons

Instagram Audience Growth Secrets

Jill Winger Old Fashioned On Purpose Podcast
Old Fashioned On Purpose with Jill Winger

The Basics of Using Instagram to Boost Your Homestead Biz

Wives of Integrity Podcast
Wives of Integrity

Marriage in the Empty Nest


The Retreat at Trinity

The Retreat at Trinity for Entrepreneurs

Guest Speaker

Refined conference

Refined Conference

Guest Speaker

What People Are Saying

“If you want to hit a home run with your speaker lineup, be sure to include Ruthie Gray. Her content and presentation style are on point, always informative and encouraging. Attendees feel Ruthie’s genuine desire that they be empowered and equipped to take action.”
– Mindy Kiker, FlourishWriters Co-Founder

Ruthie provided a tremendous amount of helpful content to the She Writes for Him Tribe about expanding our email lists. Her kind manner and expertise in marketing will bring a level of professionalism to your audience.” 
–Janet McHenry, author, speaker, and community manager, She Writes for Him Tribe

“Ruthie was a wonderful addition to our Kingdom Writers Conference. She brought great energy and delivered actionable advice and encouragement for our audience of faith-based writers. We recommend her for any speaking opportunities.”
– Shelley Hitz, Kingdom Writers


Ordinary Women

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God


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