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Episode 3: 5 Truths for overcoming Imposter Syndrome (fear of posting)

If you struggle overcoming Imposter Syndrome and fear of posting on Instagram, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!

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Hello and welcome to Episode 3 of the Instagram Insider Hacks podcast! I just want to take a moment to thank you for listening thus far, and for those of you who have left podcast reviews, I appreciate it!  If you’re enjoying this show and haven’t left a review yet, I’d love for you to consider it, that would mean the world to me!  And now, let’s get going on today’s topic:  Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

“What does Imposter syndrome have to do with Insider hacks?  Are you for real right now?”

Listen friend, this is the number one struggle keeping many followers from believing in themselves and posting consistently.  This one thing has held many excited Instagrammers back for far too long and today, I’m going to share exactly why, and give you a super duper boost to carry with you so you can start getting past this hurdle and believe in yourself!

5 Truths for overcoming Imposter Syndrome (fear of posting)

1.  You’re afraid to put a stake in the ground

Fear of criticism.  You will be criticized no matter what opinion you claim, but that is no excuse to remain silent.

Ask yourself a question: “Do you feel called to your message?”  Do you believe in the principle of what you’re trying to share?

If so, if you feel it down to the tips of your toes, then sister, you need to stop being fearful and get going. It’s time to start overcoming Imposter Syndrome, because you are not an imposter.  You are a believer.

And if you are a believer and feel God’s calling, you must obey!

2.  You do not have to reveal everything about yourself on social media

Yes, there are creepers and weirdos.  Thankfully, they’re in the minority.

You do need to share some of yourself – everyone’s interested in the person behind the account and I’ll talk more about how to know what to share in another episode.

But if you have opinions you want to keep to yourself, do that!  If you are a foster parent and you need to be super careful what you share, do that!  If you have a particular routine, habit, or quirk that you don’t feel comfortable with people knowing, don’t share!

Yes, social media should be SOCIAL.  No – you don’t have to uncover everything.

3.  You are not the savior – only the medium; overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Whether you’re listening to this as a believer or not, I want you to know that I am and I put my stake in the ground.

I believe that Jesus loves every soul and came to earth to die for our sins so we can have peace with God.

Secondly, I believe He rose again on the 3rd day because Scripture says so, and I believe He’s living in heaven at God’s right hand because He’s interceding for me there.

Lastly, I believe that Scripture is God-breathed, but I am not here to force you to believe that too.

However, I do believe it’s important for me to share this just so you know where I stand, and that I believe Jesus loves you.

Now, if you are listening right now and you are a believer, yet you’re scared to broadcast your message and scared of overcoming Imposter Syndrome, know that God didn’t call you to be brave, but to obey.  That’s why He told Joshua over and over again  to be strong and courageous in defeating the Canaanites. I honestly don’t think Joshua was naturally a brave person, I just think he was obedient.

We aren’t the Savior – we’re just the medium.  And if you’re not a believer, I know you have a message that needs to get out to the world, just know that you have to get over yourself and start somewhere!

4.  Imperfect people need to hear from imperfect people

Your followers are imperfect… just like you.

Who knows what inspiration you could be for someone who’s thinking of stepping out in faith – whether in a podcast, writing a book, a blog,

or sharing a product they believe in or created.  Maybe you’re an affiliate for a product for which you feel passion.

I don’t care if you’re Jasmine Starr, I don’t care if you’re Jennifer Allwood, I don’t even care if you’re Lisa Tyrkherst – you’re flawed.  These women know they are flawed, they don’t pretend to be perfect, yet they’ve stepped out to broadcast their message.

Why?  So others can have hope that they can do social media, or run a paint store, or write an inspirational devotion.

They’ve decided to get over themselves to help others.  And probably because they wrestled with faults too.

In fact, it’s because they’ve wrestled with faults that they’re sharing with all of us.

This is why I’m here too, by the way.  I know my faults.  I know them better than anyone else.  I’ve beat myself up a bazillion times throughout  my life.  I’ve had to learn to forgive myself and move on in spite of myself, in spite of maybe not doing it perfectly the first time – actually I will never do it right the first time, or the second time, or probably ever!

I’m not doing this podcast perfectly either and I’ve had to let that go and stop re-taping over myself.

But every time I admit my flaws, my followers become more endeared.  They say, “No way!  Me too!”

Stop thinking you need to be perfect because that’s not what your followers need from you.  They need real.  And they need YOU.  They need to know it’s ok to be imperfect too.

Moving on.

Overcoming Imposter syndrome


5.  Only you can speak the message like you can

Listen carefully – I’m going to tell you something I heard years ago when I was trying to fight the call to blog and was scared out of my mind at the thought of my name being on google:  “What do I have to say that hasn’t already been said, and why would anyone listen to me?”

Listen, there are one zillion youtubes, blogs, and social media courses out there on how to run Instagram. I am a small fish in a big pond. I have a smaller following than most people who teach on the subject.  But I believe in my product, my service, and my voice, because when my followers and clients listen to me and follow direction, they connect with their ideal audience member.

AND?  They share my message with others who need to hear Insta-hope!  I am here to tell you that if you build your Instagram by engaging with organic followers and present yourself as authentic, your people will love you.

Here’s what I heard years ago when I was telling myself my voice didn’t matter: only YOU can say it the way you can say it.  That’s it!

There’s only one you, and you are your brand.  I’m a West Virginia gal with a hick accent. That’s ok, it’s my roots.  I like to laugh big and share funny things about  my family on Instagram.  My followers love it.  I share when I mess up, I share my health issues, but I share truth, joy, encouragement, and a whole lot of Instagram tips.  This is who I am. Only you can speak your truth like you can.


You will be criticized no matter what opinion you claim, but that is no excuse to remain silent.

It’s time to start overcoming Imposter Syndrome, because you are not an imposter.  You are a believer.

God didn’t call you to bravery; just obedience.

I’m not the Savior; I’m only the medium.

Every time I admit my flaws, my followers become more endeared.

Your followers don’t need perfection;  they need the real you.

If you build your Instagram by engaging with organic followers and present yourself as authentic, your people will love you.

Only you can speak your truth like you can.

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