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Ep. 28: Podcast pitching for authors with Kim Stewart

Today we’re speaking with Kim Stewart, host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast, all about podcast pitching for authors! The following reads as a genuine and lighthearted conversation between friends, and we hope you’ll cozy up and join in!

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Podcast pitching for authors with Kim Stewart
Kim: Thank you for having me here to chat about podcast pitching. I love following you on Instagram– seeing the fun things you come up with and people you come in contact with for interviews. Do you enjoy having a podcast? How’s that going?

Ruthie: I do enjoy it. It is a lot more work than anybody ever tells you is going to be! Boy, once you start your own show, you have a whole new respect for podcast hosts.

But, I love the interviewing. I love just talking to people about the different facets of the marketing that they do. That’s what my podcast is about. Bringing on experts to just hammer out some of the topics I know authors are interested in that I’m not necessarily an expert in, but I enjoy getting to nerd out with them about book marketing and build relationships.

We were joking a couple minutes ago before we went on air about how much work goes into podcasting. It’s definitely worth it. But, we wouldn’t want anyone going in blindly not to know that it is work but worth it. It’s a great tool to get the message out.

A passion for pitching
R: Kim, when did you first become passionate about helping authors with podcast pitching?

K: It was probably about two years ago. I’ve worked with authors probably for about eight years now, doing all kinds of email marketing, social media marketing, helping them with their blog and then doing a little bit of PR like when they were in launch season.

So a lot of my authors that I’ve worked with, I work with on a long-term basis and their book launch would come up and typically if they were with a traditional publisher, the traditional publisher takes care of all that. There were times that it would end that book launch time would end and they’d still want to be on more podcasts.

We began podcast pitching by starting reaching out to some folks I already had a relationship with. That kind of got me a little bit into it. Then about two years ago, I really felt the call to just really niche down to PR. So I took a PR course and it was about teaching. It was about pitching TV publications and podcasts altogether.

Mentors for growth
I got to learn all of that and had an amazing mentor named Brittany Lynn. Then I started listening to the “Go pitch yourself” podcast with Angie Trueblood, another mentor of mine, and she just focuses on pitching entrepreneurs to podcast.

So I took her course and started learning from her. I’ve actually worked with her agency for about two years now, helping her support her clients as well with podcast pitching. I guess probably just about in the last two years is when I’ve really niched down to pitching podcast. Honestly, I absolutely love it. It’s a great way for my audience authors to be reaching new audiences and new readers, long before their launch and long after their lives.

There’s no bad time to be podcast pitching yourself to podcast and reach into readers and letting them know about your books or even have courses or coaching programs that you can let them know.

R: It’s such a neat tool to get the word out. It’s interesting to me that you just really loved the pitching part and really honed that and learned that.

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