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Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray

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I’m so excited to be on your podcast! It’s truly an honor to have the opportunity to serve your audience and show them that there is so much to live for beyond the empty nest. 

Below is a link to download all the press materials including my headshot, bio, sample questions, the book, and book quotes. 

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Sample Questions

Empty Nest Awakening

Book Quotes

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About Ruthie

Ruthie Gray is a wife, Gigi, empty nester, and content marketing coach for Christian creatives, specializing in Instagram and newsletter growth. Her hobbies include Florida beach walks, RV-ing with hubby, and reading historical fiction. Ruthie is the founder of Authentic Online Marketing School, and podcasts at Authentic Online Marketing (so easy, your mom – or Carol Brady – can do it). Connect with her on Instagram or her website at

Book Quotes

Here’s a sample of the book quotes from “Empty Nest Awakening”. Download the document for the full list of quotes.

Sample Questions

Please feel free to tweak, omit, or move the question order.

  1. You are an online marketing coach, so what inspired you to write a book for empty nest moms?

  2. What do you think most younger moms (with kids still at home) misunderstand about empty nesting?

  3. Your book tag line is, “Weaving the Threads of your Passions into Purpose”. Is this the story of how you discovered what you wanted to do in this stage of life?

  4. One of your mantras both on your podcast and in the book is “Community Grows Opportunity”. How do you think this applies to Empty Nesters?

  5. What are your top 3 tips for the empty nest mom who is lost and grieving what was?

  6. How do you balance running a business, caregiving, grandparenting, and traveling almost monthly between two states?

  7. Who has been your biggest role model in your empty nest season?

  8. How can listeners connect with you online and get your book?

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Empty Nest Awakening