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Ep. 14: Reels, IGTV, & Story Updates (what’s new on Instagram)

Listen for the very latest on Reels, IGTV, & Story Updates (what’s new on Instagram)

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Check out Nolan Gray, podcast editor at Indigo Sound

3 Tip Reel Post: How to leave quick and efficient comments on Instagram

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Reels, IGTV, & Story Updates (what’s new on Instagram)

Reels – Episode 17 (coming up) Will teach you about how and why using Reels as an effective tool to broaden your audience reach but I just dropped a 3 tip reels post in my IG feed all about how to make comments quickly and efficiently! – this is how I use reels. Go see how I did that!

IGTV previews used to be one minute and now the’re only 15 seconds so say what you need to say to hook your follower to tap in!  Spend time on that hook, girlfriend.  I talk all about best IGTV practices and updates in episode 7 so if you need more tips on that head there!

New story layout

Open up stories and the default at very bottom bottom says story
Swipe left to shoot a reel and right to go live.
Your main toolbar is now on the left side of the story screen Here you can access Create, Boomerang, Layout Superzoom, and handsfree.
Filters are on either side of the large white story circle button that you use to either snap photos or shoot video.
Head to episode 12 to discover the best filters and how to find them!

This concludes this short experimental on the fly travel episode of the Instagram Insider Hacks podcast. I so appreciate you listening and connecting with me in the dm and  If you’re learning and enjoying the podcast, would you consider tapping the 5 stars on the app and even leaving a few words of what you like about it?  Virtual chocolate all around for that!

Reels IGTV & Story Updates

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