Treasure Island Transformations

Beachside breakthroughs for empty nest entrepreneurs

From DMs to IRL

Ever worry about balancing work life, adult kids, grandkids, and aging parents?

Most empty nest entrepreneurs do. And that’s not all…often, our people just don’t “get” us. (“What is it you do, exactly?”) Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and we can get stuck in our own heads.

We need community, not just online sisters. Women we can see, hear, touch, and feel. Women who “get” our season and share the same belief systems and values.

That’s why we’re providing Treasure Island Transformations.

Last April, my Biz Mentorship peeps joined me in sunny Florida for a work/play retreat. The sunshine was plentiful (as were the shenanigans), and we had so much FUN, we decided YOU need to join us! 

Retreat Deets

At Treasure Island Transformations:
a. You’ll stay in a beautiful, waterfront location on Treasure Island, Florida
b. We’ll provide the perfect environment for beachside breakthroughs in confidence and clarity 

You will walk away with a Treasure Trove of tangible assets for your business, a “next-steps” plan, and a supportive community.

Beachside Bonding with Purpose

This retreat is meant to be just that – a RETREAT. Your schedule will not be PACKED. We will work, and we will play.

There will be space to float in the pool, take a nap, or have meaningful conversations on the balcony (perhaps spotting a dolphin or two). We will have beach time, scrumptious dinners, and gorgeous views.

Everything you need to know about the Treasure Island Retreat

Who: Christian empty nest entrepreneurs and creatives (authors, speakers, podcasters, coaches, business owners)

What: Coaching, community, and branded headshots (see bottom for more!), with plenty of free time for FUN, relaxation, and the important stuff: organic conversation. 

When: September 12-15 (starts Thursday )

Where: The Fusion Hotel, Treasure Island, Florida

Cost: $997 is the all-inclusive price,  including airport transportation, meals, and extracurricular activities. The price increases by $100 on July 31.

*A $297 non-refundable fee saves your spot, and payment plans are available.

Fusion Hotel Treasure Island Florida

Brenda says,

“The time I spent with these like-minded entrepreneurs was a game-changer for me. By the time I came home, I felt like I had a whole new game plan for my biz life, while also feeling personally refreshed and inspired

We laughed, belted out 70’s tunes together in the pool, beached, and enjoyed dining outside, just a few steps from the Florida Gulf Coast. Who could ask for a better working retreat than that?

At the Retreat you will...

  • Ask questions for incredibly valuable feedback with coaching sessions as well as community input
  • Nail down next steps for your business or message through tactile exercises
  • Relax and let your hair down with seasoned sisters in a beautiful tropical setting
  • Free up mind space like a seagull soaring on the wind!
florida beach
empty nest awakening

Join us!

After our April retreat, we realized one very important thing: we wanna do this again, and there’s room at the table for more. (But…not TOO much room, because we can only accommodate 15 seasoned sisters.) 😜

These amazing ladies volunteered to help host this retreat for a larger crowd of empty-nest entrepreneurs.

And that is exactly what we’re doing.

The magic of the 70's (maybe a little 60's-ish)

We ate outside at our favorite Italian restaurant and viewed the sunset from the pier.

Shop talk was prevalent. We discussed our businesses and brainstormed ideas for moving forward and solving tech issues (like email providers and accountants who clean up after our messes).

We sat at my kitchen table mapping out next steps for task execution and workflow. The wins were awesome, leaving us with tangible assets for our businesses (and next steps for when everyone returned to work)!

Then, when our brains nearly exploded from sizzling ideas, we headed to the pool to cool off.

(Naturally, entrepreneurs can’t turn work off, that ain’t how it’s done.)

And you know what we realized?
Organic conversations during play helped us figure out not only our work, but our lives.

‘Cause you can’t actually separate life from work in the empty nester stage. #youfeelme? Listen, we were born in the 60’s-70’s era. We remember Steve Austin, Farrah hair, and Mrs. Beasly.

We are a breed all our own, and there’s no shame in that. (See pic below).

orange shell

When you leave, you'll know your next steps.

Treasure Island Transformations: Beachside Breakthroughs for confidence and clarity.

Come recharge your entrepreneurial spirit at our Treasure Island Retreat, where work and relaxation blend seamlessly. We can’t wait to see you

Suzanne says,

“I had a lightbulb moment when our task sorting exercise showed me I was not using my time as wisely as I could. We designed a plan for a more efficient workflow. And we had the most fun in our laid-back time—so refreshing!

Pat says,

It was so helpful to get away with a group of peers to talk shop! These women not only “get me” from a business perspective, but can relate to my life stage, too. The combination is priceless!”


Bonus Photoshoot

EVERYONE gets 3 headshots, with a drawing among the first 5 retreat purchasers for a 25-minute photo session (10 photos)!!!

Price increases July 31 at midnight


Let's answer a few questions

Where are the airports?

The most used airport is Tampa International. We also have a smaller one in St. Pete/Clearwater for Allegiant and Spirit Airlines.

What are the exact dates?

Arrive any time after noon on Thursday, September 12. The *prep activity starts at 3:00 pm, and dinner will be provided before our first essential gathering at 7:00 pm.

The transportation service will take everyone back to the airport on Sunday morning. While you wait for your plane to board, feel free to visit with your Treasure Island Sisters one last time.

*Prep activity is entirely optional for those who arrive before the 7:00 p.m. gathering and want to get a head start. If you can’t make it, don’t worry-we’ve got you covered with a recording!

What about sleeping arrangements?

You’ll rest easy with no fear of waking others (or them waking you)! Each person will have a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed. All rooms have either a full bath or one nearby, so everybody gets a shower. 😊

Who will be there?

My team: Sara Motes is our photographer, and Nolan Gray (my son) is our videographer. You’ll love both of them!

My staff: Pat Fenner, Suzanne Joffrion, Brenda McDearmon, and Cathy Lawdanski will make sure you’re comfortably set with food, room details, special needs, and meeting assists. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes!  You will save money by paying the total amount since processing fees and room-holding costs apply, but we also provide two more payment plans. 

*The $297.00 is a non-refundable fee, which will be subtracted should cancellation occur.

What does the cost include?

Once you debark the plane, everything is covered: meals, training, coaching, headshots (3), beach visit, hotel amenities (pool, hottub, beach area, washer/dryer, full kitchen, living area, private bedroom, and your 3-night stay), and your ride back to the airport.

When is payment due?

The registration cut-off is Friday, August 10. If you wish to use the *3-payment plan, the first payment must be made by July 15. After that date, the two-payment plan will be offered through Friday, August 10.


What's the schedule of events?

Coaching in the mornings, play in the afternoons, scrumptious dinners, and clarity conversations in the evenings.

We even have a beach trip planned!

This retreat is meant to refresh, not overload.