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The essential formula every Christian entrepreneur needs to attract her ideal client.

Authentic Online Marketing School

She was lost on the platform...

Three years ago, Jamie Bailey struggled to get her content seen on Instagram. While running a successful in-person practice with her husband, she was at a loss to make Instagram work for them.

When we first got on Instagram, it was me Googling everything. And there are so many opinions! But Google steals my time, and paying for coaching gave me my peace back! I knew our content was solid and that we could help people, but I didn’t know how to use the platform to draw followers.”

After meeting with Jamie, I quickly realized she doubted the power of sharing her real authentic life on the platform. “My life is boring, though, I literally just go to physical therapy and walk my dog!” She moaned.

But after putting the strategy to work, she started to notice a difference. Followers began flooding her inbox with “Me too” comments, conversations ensued, and she began building rapport and establishing relationships.

And today? Jamie and Chris of @expedition_marriage now have over 20K followers, hundreds of shares, skyrocketing engagement, and ALSO contracted a book deal – ALL ON INSTAGRAM.

“Ruthie taught us to show up on Instagram as who we are and to offer value. And our followers are here for what we have because she helped us show them what it is we’re really offering.”

Jamie Bailey Expedition Marriage
Expedition marriage

Get out of your head

What students are saying...

Amber Cullum, Podcaster

“Ruthie’s CAFE method taught me how to introduce a problem my reader might have and pose a solution through storytelling in a way that’s true to who I am but also speaks to the reader. I’m more confident in what I’m relating to the reader, in my own authentic voice.”

Jane DeLong, Author & Speaker

“Not only have I learned how to post content attracting my target followers, but I now have an email opt-in, welcome sequence, and a newsletter than feels authentic to me!”

This could be you.

Imagine the amount of time saved and profit created if you not only had consistent content on social, but powerhouse emails going out to your people regularly.

It's not a "far-out" vibe

it’s what happens when you finish Authentic Online Marketing School.

desk area

Identify your target audience

Before AOM School, I had a vague idea of how to communicate with my audience, struggling with clarity, focus, and over-thinking. AOM School provided me both tools and motivation for connecting well with my peeps. ~Jennifer Sakata, Blogger & Speaker

Before AOMS, I didn't know who my audience was or how to reach them. During the training, I learned how to use Reels and stories, identified my audience, refined my message, grew followers, and increased engagement!
~Suzette Katapodes, Blogger & Caregiver Advocate

Having a solid content marketing plan is a game changer, one that attracts followers, generates email signups, and transitions into clients.

I get it! Other people make it look easy. But for you, it’s been a drag. You thought the hard part was going to be figuring out the tech, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you’re not alone...most marketers struggle with this.

And that's why YOU get to make sure you get it right...the FIRST time!

Start reaching your ideal audience.

It's time to to tell your content strategy woes to keep on truckin'.

I used to be completely lost on Instagram. I didn’t know how to attract followers or get engagement.

Frankly, I quit the platform THREE TIMES before succeeding. I felt like a dorky Jan in a sea of Marshas.

Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform. It has a format all its own.

And sometimes? It even shuts down (like that random day for 6 hours).

What’s more, I realized the magic is in combining email marketing with Instagram to not only cover the bases (like blackouts), but to solidify a marketing plan that delivers regular clients.

In fact, I do it all with a small following and a small list! (And make money.)

So…what if you could make both Instagram AND email marketing work for your business?

Ruthie Gray


Your unique, stand-out-from-the-crowd strategy will have potential clients flooding your inbox.

Here’s what that would look like….

  • More user generated content
  • Increased (and steady) follower growth
  • Mindset marketing confidence
  • An email plan that runs practically on it’s own (and a growing subscriber list)
  • Clients in the dm
  • And much, much. more!


The marketing course that will equip you develop your content strategy in just 8 lessons.

The Self-Paced Authentic Online Marketing School is a high-level course, designed to help you create your personal content strategy, so that your ideal followers will not only sit up and take notice, but start coming back for more.

Authentic Online Marketing School normally opens 2-3 times a year as a live community, and was originally created to help Christian authors, podcasters, bloggers, and business owners achieve platform growth that most marketers struggle with.

Participants have both grown followers and attracted clients, creating a breeding ground for exciting collaborations and growth potential!

However, many followers have asked for a more accessible training without waiting for the cohort to open. 

For many years, I’ve attracted my ideal customer on my own through content marketing, and now I’m ready to show you how.

If you are a content marketer who struggles with not only an Instagram strategy, but also getting followers on your email list, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

“I felt completely confident starting an entirely new Instagram account on my own for my business because I learned how to implement an IG marketing strategy which I now use to help clients.  

I didn’t realize how much I learned until I started doing VA/social media management, and it’s become second nature!

Alison Simmons, Entrepreneur, Video Content Production

“Before AOMS I felt like my emails weren’t authentic.  But during the training I learned how to write my welcome sequence, find my unique “EDGE”, and create a template for my newsletter.  It’s now a streamlined process I can easily work into my business flow!”

Naomi Fata, Professional Seamstress

elise casamir

“I’ve experienced some real gold nuggets! Before AOMS, I struggled with a focused presentation on my IG profile, but after making some quick initial changes, I got actual results. I can’t imagine what will happen when I really dig in!”

Elyse Casimer, Writer


This program actually deepened and honed my craft as an author by helping me learn to write what my audience needed instead of what I wanted!

Vina Mogg, Author

“I’ve been working with Ruthie to grow my IG reach and the numbers just don’t lie… She’s amazing…I love feeling like I’m cracking the code!! And THIS WORKS.”

Lisa Yvonne, Multi-Six figure Blogger & Business Coach

Alison Simmons

“I crafted a killer bio that nails down my niche, story engagement and dms are blowing up, profile and website visits are up, and Reels are targeted, thanks to Ruthie’s strategy!

Alison Simmons, Podcaster


“I followed Ruthie for more than a year, soaking up all her great free tips on IG and her podcast. But it wasn’t until I this training that I was able to connect all the dots and create a sustainable, sensible action plan.” –Dalene Bickel, Book Writing Coach

“AOMS is a great way to get started or jumpstart email marketing! You’ll have the knowledge you need to send weekly newsletters as well as launch sequence emails. It really is more than just a newsletter course!”

Jennifer Booth, Podcaster, Author

“I loved creating a branded “EDGE” for my emails and have a swipe file of applicable stories for my newsletter at my fingertips.  Of course, when Ruthie shared her own launch marketing templates, that was GOLD!”


-Mary Geisen, Author & Blogger

“I finally nailed down my opt-in and welcome sequence after struggling for years!”

Brenda McDearmon, Author

Sarah Frazer

“My bio attracts my target audience now, AND my newsletter welcome sequence conversions are up from 10% to 36%!

Sarah Frazer, Author


“Reader responses after following Ruthie’s email tips and showing up as my authentic self: ‘Great email! Perfectly said!’…’Love reading your emails with real life issues! Whimsy and clever.'”

Elise Daly Parker, Life Coach


“I finally nailed down my opt-in and welcome sequence after struggling for years!”

Brenda McDearmon, Author


Get all the tools you need to create a solid content strategy to turn followers into clients.

When you purchase Self-Paced Authentic Online Marketing School, you gain access to all the tools you need to grow and solidify your Instagram™ + newsletter platform. Our proven process provides input for developing a solid strategy, so you’ll never wonder what your next step should be.

8 Powerhouse Trainings

Eight 20-minute self-paced trainings that will teach you everything you need to go from overwhelm to money-making potential.

PHASE 1: Insider Accelerator: Instagram training 

  • Crafting a killer bio that reflects your message
  • Developing your Content strategy and posting flow
  • Attracting target followers that stay around for more
  • Driving traffic to your website and email list

PHASE 2: Email Marketing School

  • The art of storytelling using the CAFE method: Cue, Aime, Fire, and Edge
  • Developing your voice in a crowded market
  • Creating a welcome sequence that sets clear expectations and delivers value
  • Launching effectively using the magic combination of Instagram and email marketing

“Before joining AOMS, I felt paralyzed with deciding what to include in my newsletters or what to post on Instagram. Ruthie’s course helped me move forward, one step at a time. I finally shared my first reels and watched my Instagram reach grow nearly 1,000%!”

Aimee Smith, Author, Podcaster, Homeschool Mentor

Find your voice and vision

Gain clarity on on how share your unique message, even with a small following.

Followers become Subscribers

“After nailing down my opt-in, I got 7 new subscribers yesterday from a Reel I posted! I sent them right to the resource where they opted in – so simple, yet effective!”

Melinda Patrick, Podcaster

Ruthie on the phone

Get ready to market in your own authentic voice

The results just don’t lie.  Jamie Bailey, went from being scared of stories to over 20K followers, Amber Cullum, (not a writer at heart), reached her audience with email, and Vina Mogg, an author, who learned how to write Instagram captions to attract followers! These testimonials speak to the value of the course.  We have provided tools and actions so that you too can implement and experience the transformation and impact on your business that these women have.


From Email mishap to Email mastery

“I have been so stuck on what the heck to say in my newsletters. Now, I have a swipe file with prompts, a newsletter template, and am finding my way to my own voice (not someone else’s who is funny or clever or deep)! I’m a more natural fit to my avatar!”

Elise Daly Parker, Life Coach and Podcaster

satisfaction guaranteed

Your Guarantee

We fully back and guarantee our product! It’s THAT good. Because it’s proven to work, we doubt you’ll have an issue! But if you feel you’ve made the wrong purchase, we will fully refund within the first 15 days.

Email Marketing Success!

“Not only did I discover my unique writer voice, but I now offer value in every email!”

– Melinda Patrick, Podcaster

“I am so confident in my welcome sequence now! Even if you’ve been doing email for a long time like me, you’ll improve your open rates will improve!”

– Sarah Frazer, Author and Blogger

“If you want to grow a business using IG, start here. Even after a few short weeks under Ruthie’s training, I generated interest in my MLM business. In fact, every time I work with Ruthie I make money!”

Cathy Lawdanski, Rodan & Fields Representative, Podcaster, and Blogger

Choose what works best for you

SElf paced

Course Only
$ 197

Course + live Community

Start the course & reserve your spot for the live community in January
$ 497 * must be a U.S. resident


Let's make sure the self-paced Authentic Online Marketing School is right for you.

What's included with the Authentic Online Marketing School?

Starting today, you’ll receive all 8-week’s worth of the pre-recorded lessons from both Phase I (Instagram Accelerator) and Phase II, Email Marketing School.  

Additionally, you have the option to upgrade and save your spot for the January 2024 live cohort.

In summary, when you purchase the Self-Paced Authentic Online Marketing School today, you can start learning right away at your own pace. Additionally, should you choose to purchase the upgrade, you can not only start the training today, but. join the live class in January, 2024, where you’ll receive live feedback over Zoom (recorded for later if unable to attend), ongoing support for the duration of the 8-week class (except weekends or holidays), and a supportive community.

Phase I: The Insider Accelerator: 4 weeks of Instagram training, based on the 4 evergreen components on the platform. 

Phase 2: 30-Day Email Marketing School: Walk away with a welcome sequence, newsletter template, and launch prompts, based on my CAFE Method.

This is a digital product.

What will I learn?

In the Insider Accelerator you’ll learn to:

  • Craft a bio attracting your ideal client (it’s not just including the right things; it’s also knowing what to leave out!)
  • Name your content buckets (and fill them well!)
  • Get clear on your message.
  • Learn time-tested ways to grow your following and drive traffic.

In the Authentic Email Marketing you’ll learn to:

  • Craft a targeted opt-in to convert your audience
  • Use the CAFE method to create engaging and persuasive sales copy
  • Hone the art of storytelling
  • Create (or refine) and implement a welcome series
  • Speak to your desired niche in a way they can’t help but return for more!

Is this a real course?

This is a digital course, compiled by Ruthie Gray, based on years of testing and formulated client strategies. Time and time again, the model has been proven to work…for those willing to DO the work!

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in ThriveCart via video and PDF format

Can I get a physical copy?

At this time our Authentic Online Marketing school is only available in digital format. You can print the PDF sections and have them bound or kept in a 3-ring binder if you like.

How soon after I purchase will I recieve my product?

The courses will be accessed digitally at checkout where you will be prompted to create (or sign into an existing) ThriveCart account.  (Please email me at if you have any problems accessing your materials.) 

How do I know whether the Self-Paced Authentic Online Marketing School is right for me?

If you are not a beginner, have 200 or more followers and a working knowledge of Instagram, can grasp technical skills (and preferably learn with little difficulty), and are looking to grow your platform and/or market your product, you are in the right place.

For the email school portion, if you have a working knowledge of email basics, need to hone your newsletter and grow subscribers or improve open rates, and need solid opt-in and newsletter ideas, this is for you.

For the live component, if you have been stuck in your head, need input, and welcome constructive critique of your work within the class Zooms, and realize the importance of networking and building community, then this is the place for you. 

*Must be a US resident to join the live component. Both classes are sold as a package at the rate of $397.00 for a limited time, and price is subject to change.

What if I can't make it to all the Zooms for the live component?

All calls will be taped for easy access and review at your convenience, and any questions will be answered either live or in the community. The trainings are yours to keep for life, so you will have access after the training is over.

How does the live component community aspect work?

Most marketers have no idea the power of leveraging community for business. Inside the Authentic Online Marketing School, you’ll experience firsthand my signature Community Marketing Framework, from Zoom gatherings to feedback and support. learning together creates the energy to stimulate creativity and propel forward motion!

What's the investment for the additional live component?

Because of the proven framework of this community, weekly Zoom calls, and 9-5 access to myself and my assistant, this 8-Week Course (although worth over $1,200.00), is only $397.00 with your upgrade for a limited time. The support system, coupled with immediate feedback, drastically cuts mental fatigue and getting in your own head!

What's your return policy?

If, upon completion of the Authentic Online Marketing School you are not completely satisfied, upon proof of assignment completion, and upon further review, you may be qualified to receive 14 day money-back guarantee.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

How does lifetime sound?  Once the communnity-lead course is completed, you will retain access to all trainings.


“As an author, I was told to build my Instagram platform, but I didn’t think I had time. Turns out it was exactly what I needed – AND, I grew my platform by nearly 200 followers!”

Vina Mogg, Author