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Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray

If you want to learn the basics of Instagram, check out these courses!

Instagram basics

Authentic Instagram Engagement Course

Have you ever found yourself scrolling on instagram, seeing someone use a cool feature on the app and think, “How the heck did they do that?

This is the course for you! You’ll learn everything from how to make stories, be in the know for stickers and GIFs, and how to build an attractive, inviting feed.

Self-Paced Authentic Online Marketing School

Having a solid content marketing plan is a game changer: one that attracts followers, generates email signups, and transitions into clients.

Imagine the amount of time saved and profit created if you not only had consistent content on social, but powerhouse emails going out to your people regularly.

That’s what happens when you finish Authentic Online Marketing School. Now available as a self-paced course!

self paced aoms
stories to market

Stories to Market

Building a platform can be fun, simple, and less stressful.

Learn to convert story content so you never run out of posts by repurposing AND get a Simple Posting Plan that won’t make you lose your mind.

Authentic Instagram Engagement Course

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to make IG stories engaging and fun
  • Be in the know for stickers, GIFS, and insider story secrets
  • Know what (and when) to post every day
  • Get your posts seen (with more likes and comments)
  • Build an attractive, inviting feed
  • Get readers to click over to your profile
  • Build an authentically engaged tribe

This course includes:

  • Lifetime updates (as long as the course is offered)
  • Training worksheets
  • Interactive Facebook community
  • Instagram Caption Blueprint
  • IG Video Platforms Checklist
  • BONUS Session:  Monetization and Reaching Out to Brands!
  • BONUS Session: Using IG Stories to drive traffic to your site
  • BONUS Hashtag Hack Handbook 

7 Modules:

  1. Establishing authenticity 
  2. Developing an Instagram strategy 
  3. Crafting your brand
  4. Building lifetime fans
  5. Engaging followers
  6. Secrets to IG video
  7. Streamlining your processes

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to decipher story analytics to repurpose what works
  • Reel creation from stories in under 5 minutes
  • The 6-Day Cinch (sustainable) posting plan

Included in this course is:

  • Ready-made captions
  • 6-Day (Repeatable) Posting Plan
  • Analytics worksheets & cheatsheets
  • Walk thru demonstrations
  • Plus extra how-to videos for more Reels creation

I'm Ruthie, and I quit Instagram. (Thrice.)

I wasted hours crafting perfect photos + emotionally charged comments only to get 12 likes and a heart emoji. And never mind hashtags – those things drove me batty because I never knew what to “hash”!

No wonder I never had time to write blog posts. I wasted all of it on Instagram.

HOWEVER – I loved Instagram! And so, I began studying the Ways Of Instagram and making sense of my presence there.

Fast forward five years and now I’m teaching Christian entrepreneurs how to grow their platforms and market their own products! 

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