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Ep. 20: Setting social media boundaries in 2022

Hey y’all, and welcome back to the show with our episode on social media boundaries. I want to remind you that we are having a growth challenge soon, so get in my free Facebook group, Authentic Instagram Engagement and get on our email list. If you’re listening in early January, this will be happening mid to late January.

I know you’re going to benefit from this challenge and learn some things that we’re seeing help right now to generate and grow traffic and authentic followers. Now for today’s show, Hayley, my assistant, is joining me!

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Setting social media boundaries in 2022

Hayley: Thanks for having me back on the show!

R: Anytime girl, glad you’re here. So we’re going to have a conversation about setting social media boundaries. We’re going to reference where we left off in the 2022 predictions podcast about using IG and the implications of needing to be on it more to get your content seen.

H: Basically, we know that Instagram kind of rewards you for being on the app. They know that the more you use it, the more you’ll stay on it basically. It’s going to become more saturated as well.

Increased IG Traffic

We’re going to see even more people joining next year. In some ways, that’s an exciting thing because there are a lot of people realizing that they can work from home and they can try to accomplish their business dreams. They’re gonna be trying to utilize Instagram to make that happen.

That’s going to be part of Instagram seeing more heavy traffic is there will be people joining with the purpose of promoting their small business and for a small business owner, this is a good thing. It also maybe a little bit of a tricky thing because you may get new potential clients or you might gain new potential peers, but that means also your competition is probably going to grow too.

R: I know that the listeners of this podcast and our followers are very concerned with life balance in regards to social media boundaries and being in the present for their people and making the most of our one precious life that we have. So we want to figure out how to do this well. 

Let’s talk first about a couple more things here that you’re seeing happen, Hayley. 

Maximum user fluctuation means increased need for social media boundaries.

H: So, we may see a lot of people joining as it’s kind of the usual for Instagram, but we are probably going to see more people leave as well. This is honestly because Instagram is going to be kind of a little bit more competitive with the traffic saturation and a little bit more busy.

I think with video taking over on most social media platforms, not just Instagram, but most of them, it does make it a little bit trickier to intentionally, disengage from the app whenever you want to. So, I think some people are going to feel tired of that and maybe a little bit drained by social media and they might just leave. Because setting social media boundaries intentionally is difficult!

R: I always tell my followers to be sure to just work on one, building one solid platform before you jump to another. That’s why I say spend time on the app, but there’s another side of that. That is, you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. So, you do need to make sure that you are elsewhere besides Instagram.

The importance of a newsletter

Especially your newsletter. For me, Instagram and my newsletter are my top two priorities. The newsletter actually has even more of a priority for me. It is the top one. Because if you can get people on your newsletter you can reach them any time and you can’t necessarily do that on IG. Not everyone’s going to see your posts on Instagram.

So there’s that, but there’s another suggestion and that is, to go ahead and have your posts shared to Facebook when you are posting on Instagram. So at least you are kind of doing double duty there, you can even go into the Facebook scheduler and schedule for both of those right there.

That’s one thing. Another suggestion I have is to hop on Pinterest. If you can get that started a little bit and running, there are any number of people who will run the account for you. So that is another suggestion for that. But what else are we seeing here? 

Managing your posting process

H: Those are good points. I think you’re gonna have to post a lot to be seen on Instagram next year. We’re kind of already seeing this. Instagram is becoming a little bit more busy.

As we discussed a little bit ago, the more you post and the more you interact, that’s going to encourage Instagram to kind of propel you into the algorithm a little bit, because they’re rewarding you for using the app. So you are probably going to have to plan on posting more in order to be seen.

You’re really just going to have to be prepared and have a plan– this is where the social media boundaries aspect comes in– so that you can stay on top of posting and so that you don’t lose your mind having to figure out when you’re going to make time for all of these posts and for being super engaged with Instagram if you’re a busy person.

R: As we talk about social media boundaries and balance, we have a couple of solutions for you. The first one is this: schedule your content. Make sure that you’re using some sort of a Facebook scheduler or just, Planoly– there are all kinds of schedulers out there that you can use. Just pick the best one for you. There are free versions of everything, so get your content scheduled and don’t plan on being on the app all the time.

H: Yes. The more you post, the more your content will probably be seen, but you have to make it doable, something that fits with your work lifestyle and your home. 

Schedule your content

R: So schedule your content and then here’s the thing about your content; base it on the big picture. What are your goals? Have you sat down and reviewed when your launches?

In 2022, plan around that content, plan around your affiliate sales, plan around a corporate sales plan around your freebie, and if you’re launching something like that, use that content and repurpose it. Use it in your newsletter and repurpose it on to Instagram. Don’t reinvent the wheel.


Sometimes social media boundaries call for a break

Just use what you already have. Another one that we’re seeing is to take a break.

H: So, some social media apps have options for you to kind of limit your screen time, the iPhone has screen time app limits, etc. You could try using those to just help you create better boundaries on social media and to be accountable.

Or, if you are the type of person that works better by having a person to be accountable to, that is a great option too, I think. 

R: You could have a spouse or a coworker, cohort, colleague, someone else that kind of has the same values as you. You know, this is something that our next suggestion can really help with, and that is to have a community.

Additionally, you need a community and a network in order to expand your reach. You just really have to have that. That’s something that we have noticed with our own community. They get better engagement inside our membership, and we are working to offer more tangible resources for people that aren’t in our community to build more of a community. One of the ways that we are doing that is through our free growth challenge. Just make sure you get on the list there. We have some great things planned for that, but if you can work together, go live together, share each other’s posts. It will really serve you well.

Community is a MUST

In this way, you double and triple your effort on Instagram instead of having to do it all yourself. 

H: It is really important to have a community because a lot of small business owners and people who are working from home and using Instagram to promote their business, a lot of times those people have kids, or they have families, or even if it’s just a single person, they have lives. These people want to be able to work on their small business and not have to just be on Instagram all the time. So, if you have a community that has your back on Instagram, that can help you make sure that your posts are getting seen, they’re getting shared, your people are commenting.

Your people are engaging with your posts and helping you out a little bit when you might have a lot on your plate and can’t just afford to be constantly be posting and trying to get yourself to show up in the algorithm. You can help other people that way too. 

R: Absolutely, that’s a great method for implementing your social media boundaries. So, our motto is always to be authentic online as you know, and one of the ways that you can do that is through developing community and also through developing your real life.

We encourage rest!

We know that if you’re listening to this right now, you’ve probably heard what the big sales gurus say, “hustle harder, go faster, work longer, do more,” but we’re not telling you to do that. You’re not going to ever hear that here. What we want to encourage you to do is to authentically be your own self, your own brand, your own voice online.

Grow your community, be a part of community and leave the rest of it to God, because He is the author and finisher of not only our faith, but our lives and our businesses. 

Let’s develop some community and some balance within social media boundaries. Thanks so much for joining us today. Like I said, one other way you can join community is by joining our free Facebook group. Our growth challenge is coming up and just seek engage in that, and you will be the better for it.

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