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Ep. 26: How to maximize your social media strategy

As promised, today we’re talking all about maximizing your social media strategy in 2022! We’ll be furthering the conversation we began on episode 19, “7 Instagram trends to watch for in 2022.” The episode was all about 2022 trends and predictions. We want to take that conversation a little bit further today and dive deeper into what you might need to hear or what you need to know to do with your content this year. 

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Maximizing your social media strategy

The other day, the head of Instagram reported IG is experimenting with what you want to see in your feed. This kind of information is crucial to your social media strategy! They are experimenting with chronological order, or you can even tailor your feed to what you want to see. Now you can mute people. You can mute them for good or you can hide them to where you’re still following them, but you don’t have to see their posts.

There’s a lot more that you can do now than you could with your social media strategy than you could do before. That’s just one of the trends that’s going on that we have noticed. So we know that Reels and video are hot and we have people that are hesitant to get on the video bandwagon. It’s hard, but you can fit it into your schedule!

Here’s the thing, what we know that’s working right now is video. You could post as many infographics as you want, as well as static posts (non-video image posts). However, if you wanted to shorten the amount of time that you’re on Instagram, then just use what Instagram wants you to use, which is video. You’ll maximize the time that you’re on the platform!

Using Instagram Video for your social media strategy

Sometimes, we make video harder than it has to be. You don’t even have to video yourself. If you watch my Reel recently, you’ll see I just filmed my messy desk. There’s all the cords everywhere. Life of a podcaster! There’s my notes. There’s 25 tabs open on my laptop and then at the end I just put in a picture of me. There’s a song in the background. It took me 15 minutes to do. I put some text on there. So if you have an idea, just write it down! This is key for your social media strategy. If you don’t have ideas for video or Reels, we have 40 free ideas. If you’re not on our email list, send me a DM and you’ll receive those.

I also encourage you to take the Reels Personality Quiz, linked in shownotes. If you fill that out, you’ll get those 40 Free Ideas. You’ll want to get on my newsletter because I give even more detailed, deeper wisdom on entrepreneurial strategies as a Christian on Instagram and what you can do with your social media strategy.

That is in my email. There’s one I just sent out this morning. If you read that, let me have a thumbs up. I know most of you guys did! Most of y’all get my newsletter, so it’s valuable and I spend time on it so that I can help you guys grow.

Maximize your time by using video on the platform. 

Get ready to maximize your time

We all love to maximize our time. What we’ve discovered from the 2022 trends happening is the more you’re on the app, the more Instagram is rewarding those people on the app. They’re going to push your content out. But as a Christian entrepreneur, do you really want to spend all of your time on Instagram? Most people don’t want to spend all their time on Instagram. What you have to do is maximize your time. That’s why we’re saying if you’ll use video, you don’t have to be on there quite as long as if you would post every day, five days a week.

Does watching Lives count for time spent? No, it doesn’t really unless you’re engaging. That helps the other person, but it doesn’t really help you.

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