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Ep. 32: How to choose the right social media thought leader

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right social media thought leader to follow? Look no further! Welcome to Episode 32 of Instagram Insider Hacks where today I’ll be discussing with Lisa Yvonne on this very topic. Lisa is the founder of @CoffeeandKeyboardco on Instagram, and she’s a friend of mine and Business coach here to share some wisdom with us!

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Ep. 32: How to choose the right social media thought leader

Lisa Yvonne @coffeeandkeyboardco

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L: I’ve really enjoyed the Intensive so far. It’s been amazing to target my audience, and I’m definitely seeing some traction. The impact that it can have is exciting! I’m seeing a ton of traffic and relationship growth on my blog. I think promoting my blog on Instagram is so much more impactful than Facebook! My audience is just not getting on Facebook. Instagram seems more positive and image driven as well as video driven. I just feel like it’s almost like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise noisy world, like you said!

How to Choose the Right Social Media Thought Leader 

Choosing the Right Platform to Find Your Social Media Thought Leader

R:  People are kind of bailing on Facebook and just not loving the vibe there. It makes me excited that we’re on a platform where we can use video and voice to reach our target audience! Lisa is my business coach and we’ve known each other for a while. It started with both of us in Elite blog Academy, because my “why” was and is still all about child-rearing and building heart-Focused families. 

We’ll talk a little bit more about how Lisa decided to trust me as a social media thought leader and how that works. First of all, Lisa, I want you to tell us tell us one of your top Lessons Learned–how you got from full-time or part-time to full-time income. 

L: I looked back and thought about my childhood businesses and realized I’ve been creating business since I was 9 years old. My grandfather gifted me the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and that inspired me. I think the internet exploded awhile back when I was a beta tester for Pinterest so it’s been a hot minute. Sitting at home with toddlers around your feet at your kitchen table without having to pay for another college degree felt like Manna From Heaven I was so excited and I began to monetize my websites. 

I reached a point where I had all these different options in front of me. It was like “I can either have a business like this or like this,” and I didn’t want to choose. There was this idea like an all-you-can-eat buffet and I could make the perfect plate if I just pulled a little bit from each one. It seems like that’s not a bad thing, but the problem is is when you’re making a recipe– and the same is true in business– you really can’t be choosing from other recipes when the ingredients you need are in one zone. 

Choosing the Right Leader by Narrowing the Scope

I hit a point where I stopped listening to all of the voices and decided to follow that one voice. That’s when you and I started connecting because I’d decided to finally explore Instagram! Before that, I had actually followed you for awhile. My biggest lesson is pick one person at a time to listen to in terms of finding the right social media thought leader. Once you’ve mastered that, then you go to the next one. Same with platforms! Don’t try to learn Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all at the same time.  You won’t do well in any one of them that way. 

R: That’s right! That’s something I learned early on. One of my mentors is Arabah Joy. We try to meet up every once a year and brainstorm together. She said the same thing!

You should just really work on one platform at a time even though you know you hear it’s supposed to be everywhere at once. It’s better to just stay at them, work on one, get a handle on that and then go to the next. Let’s go back to this point of that Community aspect, that’s another thing I really like about you.

R: I look at before and after the feedback in the Intensive, and that Community part is super valuable. Community grows opportunity and that’s that’s another big thing that y’all know I’m big on. I want you to follow me, I want you to trust me and my posse because you know that I’m behind the scenes always researching things.

 But, I also want you to dig into one another too and you have done a fabulous job of that so thank you for bringing that up, Lisa. I want to ask you, when do you know when you come to the point where you just trust your gut that you’re following the social media thought leader and going on the right path?

Choosing a Social Media Thought Leader Who Aligns With Your Values

L: I pray for my business that God will direct me towards the right people and I always ask him to give me a total disconnect with the wrong people. You have to be intentional about who you follow. We talked about knowing our avatars and how their language connects with me and my purpose. I want them to know more than I do.

I want them to stretch me! I’m a natural byproduct of being in there so I definitely look for someone who reflects Integrity for their actions in alignment with your teaching. I don’t have time to waste our money to take away for my family. I’m committed to my husband and my kids never to take time and money away from them by making a bad judgment call. So the bottom line is to find someone that aligns with your values. I think that’s why I love you!

R: So we’ve really learned to try not to listen to the outside voices if you see one of the outside authorities you know saying this about Instagram or this about reels, I like that you come back and trust me for guidance as a social media thought leader. It’s great advice, I would like for you to just try not to listen too much to the outside voices because I’m studying this well! I mean, this is my job. This is what I do. Thank you for entrusting me with that!

Listening to One Person at a Time

L: Can I add something here as a business coach? Don’t spend your time thinking and analyzing and second-guessing. All that time that can be spent doing. I ask my clients to try to listen to just me when they’re with me. I’m not asking them to give me the rest of their lives– this is not like a bad relationship, but it’s all about how we mentioned trying to focus in on one voice at a time to accomplish your goals.

When I’m listening to you, I unfollow anyone that I know that talks about Instagram. The reason I do that with confidence is because Ruthie operates and integrity, she knows her stuff, she gets results. I trust you!

R: Thanks for saying that! Let me give one thing as an example. Someone said recently that she does 10 or 15 reels in X that amount of days. You can do a reel a day to boost engagement. I do think that if you’ve never done reels before, it might be a good idea to try two or three. It’s overkill when you’re doing 10-15 in a row. You’re not going to get the results that you want because it looks like you’re trying too hard. I also don’t think it’s delivering value.

You want to be across all of the neighborhoods and feeds but you want to do it in an authentic way that you’re going to reach all the different people that use those different platforms. In that way, you’re delivering value.

Like Lisa said, just listen to one person because when you stay on that track and on that path then it cuts all the mental fatigue and you really do move the needle forward.

Follow People in Similar Stages of Life as You

L: Yes! I have even unfollowed people who work on Instagram full time because I am dedicated to only working on my business 20 hours a week. I knew that I couldn’t follow someone who does it full-time or their advice would take me out of the boundaries that I’ve got in place to protect my family and my Ministry.

If you have the time, it can work perfectly well! But follow the people who work part-time hours if that’s what you have. Follow the people of similar stages of life. This ensures that you’re not going to get advice that contradicts those values of yours and you’re not going to feel like you’re being pulled out of them either.

R: When I first started looking into Instagram, I did the same thing as Lisa. I just looked at some accounts I looked up to, started testing it on my own and seeing what would work for me. That’s how I became a social media thought leader, because my peers who somehow had larger accounts than me started saying, “Wait, what is she doing over here? She’s having fun using stories and it seems like she’s got a really engaged following.” That is what started affirming that I know what I’m doing. The more I walked in that, the more confidence I gained in that.

Visit Lisa for foundations, systems, productivity, & biz strategies for lady entrepreneurs building a profitable online business part-time at Coffee and

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