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Ep. 39: Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth; with Carrie Wilson

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Instagram™ monetization, Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth (and sales!).  Today’s Instagram expert and special guest is Carrie Wilson, business owner and homesteader, at @thelittlepalletfarmhouse on Instagram. 

*This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!

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Ep. 39: Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth; with Carrie Wilson

Carrie’s Passion to Profit Pathway

Carrie shares her advice on how to take advantage of newly released features on the platform for growth, branding, and social selling, plus, how to hone your niche with something called, “talent stacking”!  By the way, if you missed last week’s Episode 38, “Generate Instagram Revenue by Driving Traffic to Your Website with Suzy Goodwin,” be sure to catch that later, because you’ll hear her top 3 tips for IG monetization including Content Arcs and much more!

Carrie Wilson of @thelittlepalletfarmhouse on Instagram has a very interesting background!  She grew up in the english countryside, graduated with a medical related degree, backpacked around the world, met celebs and royals, emigrated to the middle east, became a pro horse trainer, and all along the way ran her own companies and modeled professionally for over 20 years but she has always had a longing to be settled somewhere she can cultivate a garden and enjoy animals.

Ruthie: Tell us Carrie, when did you first become passionate about homesteading – did you grow up around gardening and farm life?  

Carrie: Well, I grew up in the English countryside, as you can probably tell by my accent, I’m not from around here. I really did have a childhood amongst those picturesque stone built farmhouses, fields of cows, and spring lamb.

Sticking to Your Roots When Developing Your Social Presence

C: I’d say that having my own farm  so early on, and I had parents and grandparents that were both avid gardeners, maybe a different style of gardening. Nonetheless, we would enjoy home grown produce. Even if it was just strawberries or salad greens. So, I guess the culture in which I was raised was very much about a home grown and local grown is better.

That was something that was difficult to have during my sort of 20 years of traveling around and living in all these different places.

R: Your tag line is, “Bringing homesteading and social media together for self sufficient living.”  (That is a fabulous tag line, btw.) Although you’ve only been on Instagram six months, your platform is growing quickly! How did you grow from zero to over 8,000 in 6 months? 

6 Ways to Successful Social Selling

1.)Defined my story

2.)Got authentic

 3.)Niched down

4.)Got consistent

5.)Engaged with audience

6.)Use IG’s new features bc they will push out your content more.

R. As you know, in this series we’re discussing ways to monetize using Instagram, and one of the ways you’re doing this is with a kickstarter to fund your docu-series with a view towards getting on a major network, correct?  Could you tell us how social selling with a kickstarter works for those who may not be familiar with this topic?

C: If you have your own product to sell that’s where selling on social can really be explosive.

Is Instagram the Right Platform for Social Selling?

R: Do you feel Instagram is a substantial platform for social selling?  I notice you share about social selling on the platform.  Tell me your best social selling tip! (And…does it involve reels?  I see you use those a lot!)

C: Here’s the truth. I’ve been on Instagram a long time, but for awhile I just never did anything with my account.

So, I posted randomly from time to time just about incidental life happenings. I was never really using it with a strategy. But when my husband and I decided that I would turn some of my focus towards starting to generate an income from home, it came to my attention that social media is powerful.

It’s a powerful marketing tool for social selling. I mean, there’s 2 billion users per month on Instagram and that’s a lot of people. I started to get intentional with it about six months ago. Really, I just followed actionable steps that internet marketing coaches gave like yourself. I started to define my story.

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Know Your Message = Know Your Audience

C: If you don’t know what your message is then others won’t know. Then you need to be authentic with it. So, you know, not trying to be something that you aren’t. I also decided that I wanted to really niche down. That way, knowing who my audience is when I’m talking about my subject, really.

It helps me focus on the content that I share, because I can obviously pick from a vast range of experiences in my background. So with that, then being consistent with your content, those things are important. And then as your audience starts to engage with you, then engage back so that you develop relationships.

I’ll say it again, listen to Instagram. So when they release new feature for example, reels, and now remixes, if you start using those features, Instagram or whatever social platform is going to push your content out more through those features that they’re wanting to establish.

Finding Your Social Selling Community

R: One of my mantras here at and the podcast is “Community Grows Opportunity”.  It seems you’ve certainly leveraged community well in growing your YouTube series, sharing the lives and families of homesteaders and how they’re making this work. It’s story telling, really.  Share with us how you made all these connections – how did you find these people, and how could our listeners take that idea to reach out and grow their audience by leveraging community?

C: Here are some steps I took that worked for me.

a.) Giveaway

b.) Photo challenge

c.) Starting a hashtag

d.) Behind-the-scenes messaging and chat groups

e.) Remember, people want to be seen and they want to connect.

R: Tell us a little bit about your Passion to Profit Pathway.  Is this something that could help all entrepreneurs, or is it mostly geared towards homesteaders? Her Passion to Profit Pathway teaches people how to build good content to convert into a product.

C: Good content has value and a huge income potential, specifically courses or ebooks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching how to buy and sell shares in the stock market or how to buy and sell clothes or homestead, the key is posting amazing content.

A Word on Talent Stacking

R:  Please share a bit about talent stacking – what does that mean and how can women use this when building a biz/IG account?

C: Connecting the dots from your past to present helps stack the skills you have to draw from and combine for a product.  This aids in bringing business and social together. It also helps find your voice and informs you on how to find your brand story!

Get out and do focused work on who you are and what your message is because once you get clarity on that other people can respond to that.

R: How can listeners connect with you online? 

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 Find me on Instagram at @thelittlepalletfarmhouse. Carrie is passionate about people and bringing the worlds of homesteading and business together and desires to help others find a way to earn a comfortable living from this lifestyle by leveraging the opportunities available online and through social media.

I hope you’ll follow Carrie and check out her Passion to Profit Pathway.  Stay tuned for next week’s part 3 in the Instagram for Monetization series, and if you’re loving this series, please take a selfie while listening, share to stories and tag me.  Remember, this is the instagram insider hacks podcast, so easy, your mom can do it!

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