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Ep. 59: What’s your superpower? 10 Tips to find it

What’s your superpower? Do you know? 

In Ep. 51: 7 Tips to up-level your productivity, I shared how to tap into your superpower to know what tasks to offload so that you can be productive and stay busy doing what you do best. tap into your superpower for main tasks and offload tasks that either suck your brain or could be done by someone else.

Your superpower is the thing only you can do and you’re really good at it. For instance, my superpower is teaching and giving advice on group coaching calls. When people ask me questions that have to do with online marketing and business. I usually know the answers because I’m a few steps ahead of the people that I teach.

I’ve become well versed in my field of Instagram and email marketing. I’ve been an entrepreneur for several years now. I run my own business. I have software that I use, I have people, uh, that do tasks for me, like podcast editing and VA services. I offload some of those tasks so that I can stay focused on my superpower or the tasks that only I can do in my business that move the needle forward.

At the end of that episode, I asked, “If you want more suggestions about superpowers and how to know it, let me know and I’ll do an episode on that.” Well, overwhelmingly everyone wants to know what their superpower is or how to find it. So that is what this episode is about!

What’s your superpower? Listen in. 


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There are things that give me energy and things that don’t.

A lot of it has to do with spiritual gifts. My spiritual gift is teaching. But you’re listening to an introvert who gets energized by speaking and advising groups. That charges me up.

When I went to SpeakUP, the conference in Grand Rapids in July, I was with women for three solid days and nights. Before I left, I was just overwhelmed with having to leave. I didn’t want to leave my house, but I knew that it was something I needed to do. I needed to network and let writers and speakers know of my services and that I know how to help them, and I know that they need to learn how to market their books or their services or their speaking, and I can help them. 

I went and I couldn’t believe how energized I was by talking to those women, Christian entrepreneurs just like me, and speakers and writers who knew that they needed my help and who I adored. I was able to just really connect with them and hear what they had to say, and that energized me.

Tip 1: Attend a conference

So here’s a little tip, if you’re having trouble wondering what your superpower is, go to a networking conference. It will help you with your elevator pitch. Trust me, if you don’t know it going in, you’ll know it when you leave. It helps you to gain more understanding about yourself when you rub shoulders and link arms with Christian women of like faith who are supportive and are willing to pour into.

So really that’s number one, is to be willing to be a part of something. Preferably live like a live conference or at least network online. It’s not the same, I will tell you that, but it will help. 

2. What energizes you?

Number two, think about what energizes you. Small talk sucks the life right out of me.

I do not like the small talk. Let’s get to the meat, let’s get into the heart issues. Get down and dirty. What can we talk about that we have in common? That energizes me, and my passions energize me.

So then I know I can help someone with my spiritual gift, which is teaching, then I am all in teaching and teaching my passions. That’s what energizes me. Know what energizes you. 

3. Name your expertise

Number three, what’s your expertise? So my expertise obviously is online marketing, specifically Instagram and email marketing. 

But it’s, there are outer fringes too, like blogging and podcasting and all the different little. Avenues that you can go in. Another thing that I’m an expert at is community and building communities. When I teach my classes, I teach them in community settings because so many women, especially women my age, but a lot of women realize they just need the input and they don’t need another self-paced course.

They need someone to tell them, Go here, do this, or maybe you should tweak this line, or maybe you should space out your paragraphs in your emails. So think about what your expertise is.

It could be writing, but is it teaching, writing? You know, what is it really? What is the expertise? And you need to look at the threads of your life. If you listen to the episode on October 10th I interviewed Mindy Kiker, she referenced that. Taking the threads of your background and learning from those things and realizing what it is that you can really write about.

So maybe you’re not a writer, but maybe you’re a speaker. You can do the same thing, or maybe you love sewing. We have a seamstress in our insider mentorship, and she has a business and she continues to grow. Online and on Instagram. She is crafting emails now that are going out to her people and she is starting to really break ground in the online arena.

4. How can you make money?

And then number four. So what can you make money merging these things that I just spoke of, what can you do to generate funds using your passions, using your expertise, using your spiritual gifts? It’s not wrong to make money at something that you are good at. I know I’ve referenced this before.

My husband sat me down one day and said, you’re spending hours and hours online. Why don’t you, you know, open a legit business? Why don’t you be paid for what you have a passion for, what you’d love for. So, so merge those and see what it is you could offer for. Step out and offer it.

After my husband gave me that pep talk, then I tried to think, what is it? Because I do love writing well. I also realized that the thing that I was good at at the time was Instagram and other bloggers were asking me how to do Instagram, so I decided to do a little mini course. It was just a Facebook group and I taught as I went and it was free

Now it’s a paid course. But that’s how I started. 

5. Step up to opportunities

And then the other really big thing I did that took a lot of guts on my part was I saw in a group. So notice your opportunities, you guys in Facebook groups. Notice the opportunities that you can interject your expertise or something that your. Good at, because you’ll find out a lot about yourself that way.

Try to help others. So I saw that my blogging mentor, the lady that had taught me everything from the ground up about blogging in Christian blogger’s Bootcamp, Arabah Joy, said, I need someone to run my Instagram account. Let me know. Send me a message if you know well. Arab Joy and I are friends. We’re friends in real life, and so I got this big, like my heart was doing palpitations and I thought, I’ve got to do this.

I’m just going to take a chance on it and do it. So I reached out to her and I said, I can run your, Instagram. She said really, you can? What do you know about Instagram? Have you had training? I said, I’ve had some training, yes. I’ve been taking a course, but that question that she asked me spurred me to take just a little bit more.

“I could probably coach people on how to do this…”

So did be sure that I was well versed, but at the same time as running her account, I said, Just give me 30 days or give me three months. We decided on 90 days. And we doubled her views. Almost tripled it in that first three months, and that ended up being a job for me for the next two years.

Then I went on to run other people’s accounts. At one time I was running I think nine accounts at once, and after I did this, I was like you know what? I could probably coach people on how to do this and it would be much easier on me. And so that was my next. 

Number five was… 

Step out. 

Like I stepped out and approached my blogging mentor because I felt like it was something I could do. 

6. Take action on the opportunities

Number six is move. Do the thing kind of goes with number five, only you are actually doing it. I could have stepped out to her and then said, I’m not going to do this.

But the thing with me is if I say I’m going to do something, then I do it. So stepping out is saying it and then moving is doing it. 

7. Assess what works

Assess what’s working and what’s not. This has to do back in the land of where you are with your superpower. Maybe you haven’t done numbers five and six yet.

Maybe you haven’t stepped out yet. Go backwards then and look at what you’re doing right now and assess what is working, what’s not working, what are you super slow at? That is just eating up hours of your time. I guarantee you it’s probably tech, its probably technology, and it is worth the time and effort to go into a VA group and.

Or ask your friends, collaborators, colleagues, who do you use as a VA? Just spend the money. Teens are so fast at technology and Instagram and all the things. I just talked about what’s not working, but there are things you’re doing that I guarantee you’re good at. 

Maybe it’s running Zoom calls…

Or maybe you’re really good at answering questions like I am. Maybe you’re better at editing or ghost writing. Or maybe you’re really good at connecting with people or connecting people with people. Maybe you’re a great speaker. Or, maybe you should have a podcast as the top of your funnel.

I know a girl. If you need somebody, my podcast coach Wren Robbins, has free resources and she can also coach you to start your podcast. So we just hit 45,000 downloads. We’re starting to get 3000 downloads a month. That’s a big deal for us. We started out pretty meager two years ago in the spring of 2020 when Covid was breaking.

8. Pray

Spend some time on your knees. Get down with the Lord, pray scripture. Ask for wisdom. Allow him to move you and move in you because he will do. if you’re open to it, but you must be open to it.

My verse for 2022 is Isaiah 58:11. The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and strengthen your bones. You shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters do not. I claim that verse for 2022 because I need guidance and I need strength from the Lord.

9. Refine

You can’t do everything obviously. So sift through all the data from one through eight and think about, what can I refine? What can I let go and what can I keep and sustain ongoing without like driving myself crazy or running myself into a rut? You got to sift, You got to let go of the chaff and you’ve got to refine.

10. Beta Test

Remember when I said that I taught that class, that very first Instagram class in a Facebook group? That was a beta test, It was free. And then I turned that information into a course on Teachable

 I started with that one course I still sell it, and then I added more courses to it. And then I worked my way up to where I started offering higher ticket items and live trainings, which are higher ticket, but so, so valuable for getting my clients. Past and over overcoming the hump and the overwhelm of what to do next and instead of staying in their heads.

So this is how I figured out my superpower. Do you recognize yourself in some of these 10 points or any of them? Does this resonate? Does this make sense to you?

Send me a message on Instagram letting me know if it helped you figure something out. Or if you’re still confused about one of the points, God will lead you. You have a superpower, but you have to spend some time figuring out what it is!

Until next time, be sure to share your own message your unique way in your authentic voice.

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