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Ep. 83: Threads Unraveled: 5 Pros and Cons on Instagram’s newest app

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On this episode of Authentic Online Marketing, we dive into the world of Threads, the new app released by Instagram that is generating a lot of buzz. I’ll show you an inside look at Threads based on my personal experience and discuss how to use it, how others are using it, and whether or not it’s worth using.


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Threads Unraveled

We’re talking about:
1. What is Threads and why is it generating buzz?
2. Should I use Threads if I’m already overwhelmed with social media?
3. How can I use Threads without starting from scratch on a new platform?
4. Are there any drawbacks to using Threads?
5. Can I share Threads on my Instagram Stories?
6. How can I build authority on Instagram even when starting out with low engagement?

Many people are hesitant about trying Threads, especially if they are already overwhelmed with social media. But fear not! I’ll share with you five compelling reasons why you should consider using Threads and how to incorporate it into your busy schedule.

Picture this: Threads is like a virtual meet and greet where you can share the juiciest stories, throw in some LOL-worthy moments, and stir up emotions all around. Plus, we’re spilling the tea on the power of messaging in Instagram Stories, because that’s where the magic happens. Building connections through DMs and Stories is the secret sauce to success.

Addressing low engagement on Instagram

Wondering why your Insta reach has taken a nosedive lately? Well, blame it on the Threads frenzy! But no worries, because consistency is the name of the game. I’ll show you how to keep your Instagram game strong even with lower engagement. Trust me, it’s all about that long-term hustle!

However, this episode is not completely about Threads! I’ll also share information about the upcoming Refined Media Conference and how it can help with your marketing strategy and platform growth. Plus, I’ll share my own experiences and opportunities I have received as a result of consistent presence on Instagram.

So, don’t you dare miss this epic episode of Authentic Online Marketing! Threads is calling, and I’m here to guide you on this wild social media ride. Don’t forget to check out those show notes and my Instagram for some exclusive goodies and deets about the fabulous Refined Media Conference (Code: AUTHENTIC of $100 off). Let’s slay the social media game, one Thread at a time! 💅🎉

1 thought on “Ep. 83: Threads Unraveled: 5 Pros and Cons on Instagram’s newest app”

  1. I love that Instagram is introducing a new app! It’s great to have more options for how to share our photos and videos. However, I’m not sure if I’ll use it because I don’t like how it looks.

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