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Ep. 40: How to fit in time for Instagram

How do you structure enough time into your day to do what you want to do on Instagram? Because really, you could spend your entire day and more because it is your business, so how do you structure enough time into it?

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Fit in time for Instagram: Content Flow

Ruthie: People just can’t seem to get the content flow under routine.

Determine a set time you’re going to be on to engage and turn off notifications and just let it go. You have to use the time you have. 

Figure out, where is the top of your content? If you have a blog post every week, every other week, or once a month, or if you’re not even publishing right now, you go back and use the content you’ve already written and go deeper for your newsletter on one of those points.

And then trickle that out for the week or two weeks or four weeks.

 I feel really pretty overwhelmed like you said, just trying to figure out how to do it all.

I’m ready to start on another book or whatever, but I just think how am I going to add anything? I see you being very relaxed so I know there’s a way, and there is a way. 

Fit in time for Instagram: Set a clear time boundary

Ruthie: It involves predetermining how long you’re going to spend on something and then that’s it. Then you release it into the universe and let it go. 

That’s what is really the key right there is knowing your limitations and saying, this is it. This is all I have to give. I’ll make this shorter sometimes we make things too long or harder than they need to be.

So we cut it and we release expectations and it does help I have Hayley, my assistant, I can’t do near what I do without her. 

Also I can always invent MORE tasks for myself, so I have to rein it in and limit that and be realistic to my creative brain. 

So why is enhancing your Instagram growing it?

Why is that important? 

Brenda: I say growing it and enhancing it are the same thing for me. But I think it’s very important for me to have some sort of an online presence. Especially because I want this to be a business and I want to take my readership for the blog hire and to do more with that.

Then I also want to continue writing books. I don’t know if you can have any kind of marketing without an online presence.  Personally, I prefer Instagram over anything else. I really like Instagram. So I need to learn everything that there is to learn about it to make it very useful and productive for what I want to do in a business.

So here’s my question for you – what is your WHY?  Brenda shared her why – she knows the importance of having an online presence for her books, and she loves Instagram.  She wants to use it as an asset to business building.

How do you fit in time for Instagram?

  1. Know your why.  Get it nailed down.  After this interview, Brenda got busy and back on the ‘gram as you heard in episodes 38 and 39 earlier this month.  She answered her own question, basically for how to get back on Instagram – know your purpose.
  2. Know your time.  How much time a week do you have to work Instagram?  Base the amount of posts and engagement on that number.  If you don’t have time to post every day, do it 3 days a week.  If not that, start with 1 or two.  Use the time you have, but predetermine how long you’re going to take and only use that time, don’t let it bleed over.
  3. REPURPOSE your content! Use what you already have, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Draw from your blog, your newsletter, your podcast, wherever your content is coming from.  Break it down.  Use whatcha got.
  4. If at ALL possible, get help.  Use a VA or just get someone to free up all the little tasks of creating images and maybe even pulling copy you’ve already written – you can even go over it to tweak, but get someone to set up your emails and funnels and maybe even answer your comments, depending on the level of expertise they have.

You can do it!

It’s possible to fit in time for Instagram, but you need to know your why so you’ll be clear and won’t waffle on whether to do it or not!  Set a clock and stick to the time available.  Repurpose your content, and get help if at all possible!  Thanks for listening again this week, we’ll be back in July with more for you, but be sure to grab our 2022 follower growth kit so you can get these tips in writing for yourself.  We’ll see you next week and be sure to share your unique message, your way in your own authentic voice.

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