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Ep. 80: Top 5 Episodes of 2022

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Before we jump into the top 5 episodes of 2022, we are celebrating the third birthday of the Authentic Online Marketing Podcast!

I just want to say a heartfelt “thank you” for those of you out there who have helped us achieve over 65,000 downloads in the past three years.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, subscribed, and reviewed the podcast. It means so much! Everyone that leaves a podcast review this week will be entered to win our Stories to Market Workshop, so join in the fun (even if you’ve already left a review, you can do it again)!

Today I’m going to share with you our top 5 episodes of 2022 of the Authentic Online Marketing Podcast.

Let’s get started with number 5.


Ep. 62: 10 Superpower Case Studies
Ep. 34: Steal my Instagram Engagement Tip
Ep. 33: 5 Features for Your Woman Owned Website
Ep. 35: How to Grow Your Biz by Doing Less with Alicia Byers
Ep. 32: Using the Pinterest Search Engine to Drive Traffic with Sara Motes

Top 5 Episodes of 2022

Number 5

Ep. 62: 10 superpower case studies

This episode highlights 10 different women who discovered their superpowers and how that fits into their business, then infused into their online marketing strategy. We hear testimonies of the 10 women and their practical ideas and discoveries in the online space. The testimonies included rave reviews of how crucial Authentic Online Marketing School has been in helping them discover their voice and boost their online presence.

Listen here.

Number 4

Ep. 34: Steal My Instagram Engagement Tip

This episode is about using SEO or hashtags to find people complimentary to your brand. It also highlights finding your target audience and emphasizes the importance of collaborating with that target audience. The main tip is to get out of your bubble to find more people to connect with if you’re wanting to build instagram engagement.

Listen here.

Number 3

Ep. 33: 5 Features for Your Woman Owned Website

This episode highlights 5 different helpful tips for a great website:
1. Personality + Good Copy
2. Have clear offerings
3. Clear images
4. Testimonies
5. Opt-ins

Listen here.

Number 2

Ep. 35: How to Grow Your Biz by Doing Less with Alicia Byers

In my interview with Alicia Byers, she provides three practical ways to build time for rest:
1. avoiding black-and-white thinking
2. establishing appropriate work hours
3. recognizing rest as a goal.

Rest incorporated in your work is the main idea of this episode. Alicia also touches on seeing Instagram in a more personal way, rather than just trying to run a business. She explains that showing up to add value to others, rather than to just take for yourself, helps build that community that you need to connect on a personal level

Listen here.

Number 1

Ep. 32: Using Pinterest Search Engine to Drive Traffic with Sara Motes

I had the opportunity to interview Sara Motes, a Pinterest marketing pro, and and discussed the power of Pinterest for small businesses. We talked about time management strategies for Pinterest, essential tools for optimizing performance, leveraging Pinterest as a sales funnel, and repurposing Instagram Stories and Reels for Idea Pins.

Sara emphasized the significance of focusing on “top of funnel” platforms like YouTube and Pinterest, so you can get maximum brand exposure and attract potential customers. By actively engaging with these platforms, small business owners can broaden their reach and enhance their visibility in the digital space, ultimately leading to improved SEO on Google.

Listen here.

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