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Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray
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Ep. 95: Faith-Fueled Leadership: Empowering Christian Women in Business and Social Media

In this episode, Ruthie is joined by three entrepreneurs, Cathy, Suzanne, and Brenda, to discuss their experiences as women in business online. They each share their unique entrepreneurial journeys, from content creation on platforms like Instagram and Newsletter Marketing to selling products through social media and email marketing. These women reflect on their growth as entrepreneurs, the importance of community support, and the impact of authentic online marketing strategies.


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Growth and Learning as Women in Business

First up, we have Cathy, an online content creator who started with documenting her online journey but has now evolved into building a business. She’s all about serving, learning, and having fun in this season of life as The Retired Empty Nestser. From sponsored posts to affiliate products, Cathy’s entrepreneurial spirit is truly inspiring!

Next, we have Suzanne, a beauty guide with a passion for educating women about skincare and makeup. Despite her initial hesitations, she embraced the world of Instagram Reels and has found her niche. Her dedication to championing midlife women and addressing their unique needs is truly remarkable.

Last but not least, we have Brenda, who bravely embarked on a pivot to become a NuSkin product distributor. In addition to promoting skincare products, Brenda is also busy marketing her Texas Bucket List Series, showcasing her diverse entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Role of Community in Growth and Business

One key takeaway from these amazing women is the significance of community and learning from one another. Their collaboration and support have been instrumental in their growth as entrepreneurs. It’s a reminder that success is often nurtured through shared experiences and mutual encouragement.

Insights into Email Marketing and Authentic Online Marketing School

Cathy shares how her newsletter has become a foundational part of her business, offering unique insights and fostering deeper connections with her audience. Email marketing isn’t just about sales, but about building foundational relationships.

Suzanne emphasizes the value of a God-centered and community-driven approach to online marketing, underscoring the importance of trust and support within entrepreneurial circles. It’s a reminder that authentic relationships are at the heart of successful marketing.

Brenda’s insights also indicate the versatility of skills learned in Authentic Online Marketing School. The knowledge gained doesn’t just apply to Instagram but can be seamlessly transferred to various platforms, demonstrating the breadth and adaptability of their entrepreneurial expertise. This way, women in business can keep things versatile and open up more chances for their business to grow.

Listen to the full conversation on Authentic Online Marketing and get inspired by these remarkable entrepreneurs!

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