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Ep. 33: 5 Features for your women owned website

5 Features for your women owned website. Welcome to our new website! We’re celebrating the official launch of, and this is an invitation to join in!  If you are listening the week of May 9th, 2022, we want you to celebrate with us. All week long, we’ll have special activities going, so hop over to my Instagram at @authenticonlinemarketingpod and follow along to see the activity of the day so you can win some cool stuff! We’ve got a giveaway, 24-hour scavenger hunt, lives and a special Instagram Reels session but you won’t know when or where unless you hop over there. 

So because we’re launching this week and getting rave reviews about the new site, I thought it would be good to give you 5 features for your women owned website. These are important things I feel any website owner needs. These were definitely part of our women owned website building process.  So if you want a killer women owned website, I’m sharing what to do, so now, listen in!

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5 Features for your women owned website.

Obviously a lot of things could be said about how to build a strong website.  My advice for bloggers or podcasters is to get your own domain. Go with so you’re not at the mercy of another hosting site that may go down or go away.  When you own your site, you call the shots.  I learned this the hard way when I was over at the free Blogger domain where I started out.  

Another things that you want is obviously a visually appealing aesthetic. Use the color wheel if you don’t know what colors to put together, or get a website designer like I did.  I’ve mentioned before that I built my site at Ruthie Gray.Mom and I’m super proud still of all I accomplished over there, including the colors.  But for Authentic Online Marketing, I wanted more color options, accents, and a softer, yet more professional, look.  

I cannot stress enough that having a professional website developer is ideal in this situation, and as we chatted with last week’s interview with Sara Motes on Pinterest, you probably learned that she built my new website.  I am thrilled.  The woman is a genius.  If you need a website, call her.  She worked tirelessly with me to create the color palette and logo that perfectly fit with my personality.  

My personality is fun, my favorite color is turquoise, and I love the beach.  Hence, beach accents and colors are reflected on the site in a fun yet professional way!  We carry these over into our social media images too.  It’s been very freeing for my daughter Hayley, who works for me, as she’s been able to have a lot more freedom with our color choices than before.

So this is where we come to the first point of development for your women owned website and that is:

Personality + Good Copy

I feel you cannot have one without the other.  Good copy should convey what you do, yet it’s not about YOU, it’s about your ideal customer, much like I teach on Instagram.  You are talking to a person with needs.  Know who she is, and use your personality to talk to her.  My person is in her 50’s and has an affinity for 70’s memorabilia and media.  You will find that kind of jargon splattered all over my site, from the contact page to the mentorship to the Authentic Online Marketing school to the podcast and beyond.  It’s fun!  And yet, we communicate how we help people.  It’s the Christian entreprenuer with a small list/following.  We teach Instagram and all the branches of that, including newsletter marketing.  We have a newsletter course within our Authentic Online Marketing School, and the whole site reflects our offerings.

Which is point number 2,

Have clear offerings.  

Ours are

One-on-one coaching

Authentic Online Marketing School (called AOMS)

The Insider Mentorship for past clients, AOMS graduates, or outside applicants who qualify.

We offer two self-paced courses: (linked in shownotes)

Authentic Instagram Engagement, our basic Instagram Course

Reels Crash Course, teaching Reels basics.

And then, we have our freebies all over, which I’ll chat about for number 5.

Next, be sure to have clear images.

This lends itself to an aesthetically pleasing look. Use nice stock photography (mine were from Haute Stock), or take your own photos (the images of me were taken by my daughter and lightened to match the other images by my website developer).  Images can convey a message quickly without someone having to read every sentence on your site.  Granted, our site is copy heavy, but that is because we have spent the past 3 years refining our offerings and copy and we know what works for conversions.  Also, we want people aware of our offerings before our official launches! We tried to go with photos that have similar colors or accents that our website has.

Testimonies are essential part of a website in my opinion. 

Because we have several offerings, we’ve included lots and lots of testimonies so people can see that what we offer actually works.  You can feature both video and photos, as well as quote blocks, and these all play a part in well designed, persuasive copy.  When people see that social proof, it really does the selling for you, in a way.  Testimonies are the most powerful form of client conversions.  

But that won’t usually gain clients without them getting to know you and your teaching methods first.  Which brings us to freebies or Opt-ins.  

Now we have a whole podcast that focuses on opt-ins so if you’d like to know more about what to do for your own, head to episode 9,  

But basically opt-ins are a chance to correspond with potential clients off of social media or anywhere else. 

They exchange their email address for your freebie, and you begin corresponding in their inbox, hopefully on a regular basis.  When you look at our main home page, we have multiple places for folks to sign up and receive our free offerings.  Our main opt in, the follower growth kit, is at the top bar.  If you scroll down, you’ll see another box for the follower growth kit. Towards the bottom we mention two of our top resources, which is our Reels Personality Quiz and our Instagram Caption Blueprint, and at the very bottom, we have a newsletter sign up that mentions Jacklyn Smith.  We also have a pop up, and all this is just on the home page.  Within our podcast episodes at the end of each one, we’ve embedded our follower growth kit as well.  So there are plenty of ways for people to join our newsletter and get value content and get to know us better before considering one of our offerings! A strong Opt-In is very necessary for a strong website presence.

So there you have it, friends, my top 5 necessary items for a strong, visually appealing women onwned website:   

  1. Personality/Good copy
  2. Clear images
  3. Clear offerings
  4. Testimonies
  5. Opt-ins

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