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Ep. 44: What to do before creating your newsletter freebie

In our episode last week, we discussed what to create for your newsletter freebie and ideas that I started with years ago when first entering the scary world of email marketing. By the way I want to let you know it’s not nearly as scary as you think or as we blow it up in our minds.  So today I want to share something I suggest you do before creating your first newsletter opt in or possibly you already have one and it’s time to hit refresh and create a new one – which I’ve mentioned before is an ever evolving process as we grow and define our audience and our own passions for serving in the online world.  

By the way be sure to check out our free upcoming brand voice workshop, link is in the show notes, and you’re going to want in on this, it will help you to define and pinpoint specific things not only about your target audiences but you yourself and what to tap into that your audience will respond to!

And now, I give you 5 ways to narrow your niche.  It’s what you need to do before creating that newsletter opt-in.  Listen in!

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So we’re talking about 5 things to do before creating your newsletter freebie, specifically relating to niching down, and just know that this list isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good start and is the way I map out where I’m going when creating newsletter opt ins. 

1. Notice who’s responding to your content

Where are you posting content?  Instagram?  Facebook?  Pinterest?  Twitter?  Podcast?  Blog?  Who’s commenting?  (or who isn’t)?  Sometimes it’s not who you originally set out to reach.  Maybe it’s an older crowd, or maybe they’re younger. that when I took my pivot my parenting blog, I expected the same young mom crowd to come after my content for Instagram education, but after posting consistently for a time, I realized it was the baby boomer crowd my age and a little younger.  Is your crowd really who you think they are

2. Notice what topics you naturally write or speak about

In Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, the author says, “Your main obsessions have power.  They are what you will come back to in your writing over and over again.  And you’ll create new stories around them.  So you might as well give into them.  They probably take over your life whether you want them to or not, so you ought to get them to work for you.”

Pretty good, huh?  You have a natural, gravitational pull towards certain life subjects, passions, thoughts, and opinions.  What are they?  Do you feel free to share them?  Why or why not?  What would happen if you did?  These are signs to pay attention to, they are pointing the way to your niche.  Test them out. See what your audience responds to.  It could be a gateway to your target audience!

3. Poll audience on IG

The poll sticker in stories is your BFF for market research.  Ask followers about their passions, likes, dislikes, opinions.  Especially opinions.  They will always answer you about those. See if your obsessions we just talked about under number two intersect with theirs. What are key pain points?  Ask these in many different ways and not just once.  Keep asking and keep the conversation going.  Your community will tell you what they want, but you must be willing to invest time in research instead of plowing ahead with what you THINK they want.  If you don’t, you could largely be missing the mark and wasting your time!  Is there a need for what you’re offering?  Are they picking up what you’re putting down? To quote a ‘70’s phrase –  Are they hip to your jive?

4. Keep posting (and Reeling)

Test, test, test!  Consistency will be a factor to point you in the right direction.  If you’re consistently posting and followers are responding, even if it’s only to certain posts, that is data.  If you’re consistently posting and no one is responding, that is data.  You will have zero data without testing, and in this case, testing is posting, and at this moment in summer of 2022, Reels are your best form of posting and gleaning responses.

5. Ask for input from trusted peers 

It is easy to believe in something that you feel is super important to share when it’s in your own mind.  But being willing to open up to receive affirmation and constructive input from other likeminded peers is the true way to get unstuck and get the ideas flowing.  If you don’t have a mastermind or trusted posse, reach out and get a group of 4-5 people you admire in the online space and create a Facebook masterminding group.  Or join one.  There are plenty of free and paid groups on the internet.  My own Insider Mentorship is specific to those who are familiar with Instagram, learn tech easily, have 500 or more followers, are Christian female entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, or bloggers and are committed to regular posting and growing their platform.  These women have taken great strides to move forward because they’re willing to embrace community and ask for support and give support.  (you can check it out on our website at authentic listed under mentorship.

But be open to community, because, community grows opportunity!

Don’t be afraid to niche down. Consider this from

By focusing on a small audience, your business will be able to stretch its resources further and bring in customers who are closely aligned with your offerings. Those are the people who need your product most and are therefore most likely to convert and remain loyal customers. 

Trying to target everyone will only frustrate your newsletter freebie creation efforts.  So before tackling that newsletter freebie or opt in, notice the demographic responding to your content – it may not be who you think it is.  Tap into your obsessions – those topics you naturally gravitate towards and see how you can incorporate them into your content by polling your audience in stories and consistently posting in your feed – don’t forget to use Reels because that’s what the Instagram algorithm is pushing right now, and finally, ask for input from trusted peers!

And one last thing that’s super important that will help with your newsletter freebie– be sure to sign up for our Brand voice workshop coming soon. Inside this workshop, I’ll teach you how to identify and authenticate your unique brand voice.  This will help you to reach that target audience you’ve been searching for, and help you pinpoint your own unique, authentic voice we’re always talking about at the end of every podcast! 

Trust me, my friend, you have a LOT to offer the world.  And most of it is right under your nose.  You’re already doing it, because it’s part of who you are.  Let me help you figure it out in the Brand voice workshop.  

Thanks so much for listening today!  Now go sign up for that workshop and remember to share your unique message your way in your own authentic voice!  We’ll see you next week!

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