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Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray

Authentic Online Marketing trailer, season 2

Instagram™ Insider hacks pivots to Authentic Online Marketing!  Over the course of my first year in podcasting, I became increasingly aware of a disconnect between Instagram and the bigger picture of online marketing. As my coaching clients and membership community developed Instagram platforms, I quickly noticed a need for direction in additional marketing areas, such as what links to insert in bios, how to get folks to join their newsletters, what to offer for opt-ins and how to create them, newsletter content, launch tactics, and more.

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Authentic Online Marketing trailer, season 2

Introducing Season Two of the podcast: Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray


Upon first glance, you may think Instagram™ is just about photos and reels, but it’s actually much more involved.
Whether you’re building a book or speaking platform, driving traffic to your podcast or blog, or generating product revenue, the principles are the same.  We’re all marketing something. And we want to market authentically.
In my ten plus years of blogging, I’ve built websites, developed newsletter sequences, and created countless images for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everything in between.  (By the way, I’m not even good at image creation, but I learned how to be semi-decent.)
I built Facebook groups, fostered communities, and wrote parenting ebooks.  I wrote guest posts and brainstormed in masterminds.  I built my Instagram marketing business, secured clients and built memberships.
I contracted VA’s, eventually hiring my daughter – which was both scary and monumental, proving I had the guts and the wherewithal to make my biz succeed.
The latest venture, of course, has been this podcast, originally named Instagram™ Insider Hacks (so easy, your  mom can do it).

Why we rebranded the show
When coaching Instagram clients, I give big picture advice.  It’s never just Instagram™ – it’s content creation, email lists, product development, and more.
And so, I decided to rebrand to the Authentic Online Marketing podcast.
My wheelhouse is still Instagram™ and that topic will continue to be a natural by-product of this podcast. But honestly?  I love building community, and that’s an essential ingredient to a successful Instagram account. I love writing good copy. I love sending newsletters that people can’t wait to read.  I love developing stellar captions that draw followers in and spur them to action.  All of those areas are my super powers; each an integral part of the Instagram equation. And so, we’ll chat about all this and more, plus enjoy special guests to share their expertise so you can feel more fully equipped in your online marketing space.
So thank you for being here.  I hope you stay.  I promise to deliver value without adding to the noise.  Quality over clamor is our motto here.  After all, nobody wants to sound like an infomercial.

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