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Ep. 24: Hosting challenges part 2: Instagram collabs

Hey y’all, welcome back to the show, this episode is all about Instagram collabs!  Last week’s episode on how to use a challenge to grow on Instagram received lots of feedback ad questions, and we’re so glad you’re asking!  In that episode, number 23, I mentioned forming a chat group as part of your challenge. People have been asking “how do you create a chat group?”  Luckily, I created a video for that so if you pop over to my Instagram and head to my Reels you’ll see the exact way to do that. After the show you can tap the link in the shownotes to see how it’s done. Right here, this is what I do!  

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Hosting an IG challenge part 2: Instagram collabs

Now today’s episode is a follow up from last week on how to hold a challenge on Instagram to grow your audience. There, I answered a member inside my mentorship, Joni Scott, during her Hotseat session on how to grow her platform once she had the basics down.  This a follow up on that episode expounding on how to collaborate on a challenge using Instagram collabs, so if you haven’t caught that episode you’ll want to do that ASAP.  Today I’m giving you some specific examples for ways to hold a challenge on Instagram using it’s new Instagram collabs features!  Now here’s the exciting news, Instagram has made it even easier to collaborate with others on the platform.

Use Instagram collabs with like-minded users

Y’all, collaborate those like-minded individuals who compliment your brand. I mentioned in this hot seat session, one way to leverage video is to do a challenge with someone else and preface it with a live video. 

Make sure it is surrounding that challenge topic. You’re sowing the seed there to announce the challenges coming. You want to make sure that you give it a good name and have a good purpose for it. That way, you can teach people quick actions every day. Then depending on how early in advance you did that live together, you could use Instagram collabs on a Reel to announce it.  They give more exposure and there’s two of you so it’s working double time to spread the word!

Going Live

At the start of the challenge, you could go live again together or collaborating on a two minute video to announce. Remember, people need to see things multiple times before they actually take action so don’t be leery of repeating yourself, especially using different modes – Reels, Live, video, Carousels and static posts!  (Remember, Reels has it’s own algorithm so that helps you cover even more ground!)

So regarding the person you use Instagram collabs with, try to split up the tasks according to your strengths and leverage that.

Now let’s talk about Instagram’s newest feature, collabs – a perfect tool for exactly what we’re talking about!

What Are Instagram Collabs?

Instagram collabs allow you to invite someone to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel, so they can share the content with their followers.

So the post shows up on both of your feeds!

Analytics are shown for both users! views, likes, and comments – allowing you to leverage and engage with each other’s communities!  You will get ALLL the notifications!  Woohoo! You know how it is sometimes when you guest on someone else’s podcast or do some kind of giveaway or some sort and you don’t get notified because it’s on her feed? Well, now you can be!

How to do it: After uploading your Reel or Feed post, go to the share screen as usual, and then tap “Tag People.”

you’ll now see an option to “Invite Collaborator.” And then you can  search and choose the person you’d like to collaborate with.

How to Accept an Instagram Collabs Request

If someone requests to collaborate with you, you’ll receive their request in your DMs. 

Hit “Accept” for the content to appear on both of your profiles. 

After Joni’s challenge, she reported, we each gained about 10 followers. Interestingly, many people commented on it after we were done that they enjoyed reading and following along during the challenge, but not necessarily participating. Let this be a note to you: not everyone is going to actively participate in your challenge, but you can still get results from it.

She not only got 10 new followers, but Joni says, “I gained about 20 newsletter subscribers. So that’s twice as many followers.” Here’s the thing y’all, newsletter subscribers are not more important. However, there is better longevity and better return on your time investment with newsletter subscribers. Because those are the ones you can reach at any time.

The importance of a newsletter

You don’t have to worry about the Instagram algorithm and if they subscribe to your newsletter, that means they’re interested in hearing specifically what you have to say. You get them off of the Instagram platform, into your newsletter, on your email list, and they’re invested.

The options are endless for resources you can offer for your specific challenge with Instagram collabs. By the way, want a more tangible list of ideas for list building, as well as a newsletter system that attracts and keeps followers coming back for more? Check out my Authentic Email Marketing School starting February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Now, if that’s not the right time for you, we’ll have another launch later in the year. But it really is necessary to get that email started so that you can have a backup and a better way of getting in touch with your followers than just depending on the Instagram algorithm. In this email school, I give my personal feedback on your newsletters.

You’ll walk away with a welcome series, swipe files, and launch email templates. It’s simple. It’s a group setting. You’ll realize you can do this, even if you’re not a writer at heart. Students are reporting upwards of 25% increases in open and retention rates. So think about joining us or at least checking it out. We will put the link in the show notes.

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